Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is a response to Dive's office Gnome who is being held captive by a bunch of loony Brits and is bound by duct tape so he and his little pet squirrel can't flee! Now they are being trained to do odd things with nuts.

It's all very suspect if you ask me.

My gnome sits in a corner of the dungeon known as my office and appears to be squatting on some flowers with a very "strained" look on his face.

I don't dare lift him up to see what's under there.

Can someone tell me if that is a moustache on his face or does he have a hair lip?


Sharkbuttocks said...

looks like a rather sinister moustache.

neetzy said...

I remember that guy! That is most certainly a moustache. That reminds me...what ever happened to my graduation turtle?

dive said...

Woah! What an awesome gnome, Shazza!
Apart from his boots he appears to be naked from the waist down.
And that's not a moustache; those are catfish tentacles!
He's too cool.

Shazza said...

SB - sinister indeed!

Neetz - It wasn't a turtle it was an alligator and he was supposed to make a trip around the world but was smashed on his maiden voyage. I only have one picture of him. I'll have to find it for you.

Dive - catfish tentacles! That's IT!

neetzy said...


I think I still have the turtle. She has boobs. In fact she is quite busty. I think I'll have to find her and post a picture one of these days.