Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sing it with me...

I could while away the hours,
conferrin' with the flowers
Consultin' with the rain.
And my head I'd be scratchin' while
my thoughts were busy hatchin'
If I only had a brain.

I flaked out again!

I am travling for business, not far just up to Rhode Island.

I am staying over night at a very cool hotel.

I forgot my suitcase at home!



TARGET is my saviour!

I don't usually buy my clothes at Target because I can never find any womens clothes that I like. Either they are for kids or skinny thin women under the age of 30 or they are for "women".

You know what I mean by "women" don't you?

I'm kind of an in-betweener. I don't have the "W" on my clothes...yet, but if I keep gaining weight like I have I'll be there in NO time.

No longer a "junior", to fat for the "misses" and not fat enough for the "womens" sizes.

There's that trinity again - kind of like the maiden, mother, crone!

Oh no....the crone!

Anyway - I bought some jeans and shirt from the mens department #1 because the clothes are cheaper and # 2 I just wanted comfortable clothes to bum around in.

Why is it I can buy a pair of jeans in the mens department for $16.99 and in the "misses" department the prices start at $29.95?

SHOES! I wanted a cheap pair of shoes. I found similar sneakers for $19.99 in the mens department and they were $29.99 in the womens department.

The mens were bigger you would think they'd be more expensive!

It's price discrimination and it sucks!


M is never going to let me live this one down I know it!


Tammy said...

no matter what the size, go for comfort always. and cheap is good too. i hate that we of the female persuasion are stuck paying way to much and we freaking buy into it. but then again i'm not a dressy girl and i wear danskos and keens for shoes, as some would say - man shoes, well i don't care, i don't have bunions, my feet don't kill me and i'm to old to fall and hurt myself on heels - i could break something and since i just had hip replacement at 48, i'm guessing i should take it easy on myself. okay i must confess i'm "womens", but i shop at lane bryant and it's not to bad and not old looking and they start at size 12 - you might try it, but i don't know how much the jeans are anymore - i have some from a year or two ago and they won't wear out, so i can't see buying more. gosh i wrote a book - sorry. i used to travel way more than any one person should have to, i know about forgetting, on a 2 week trip once i just didn't pack underwear, hmm, i'm not a commando kinda gal - oy vey.

the only daughter said...

I don't care for women's clothing because the pockets (when there are some) are too shallow, the prints are just too freakin' LOUD and the designs too fussy, usually. But I buy them--finding just the right things, tough given my caveats. Another reason why I don't like shopping.

I can't do a thing with Target for women's clothes either.

Bummer aboutthe forgotten case. :(

neetzy said...

I understand. Sometimes I find things in Target. Sometimes I don't. As my body is morphing into a new life form I find that less things fit me. I do men's T-Shirts, but not much else. I hate the price discrimination.

Shazza said...

Tammy - I'm a comfort gal myself. As of late I've given up button down shirts in favor of pull overs. They pull over my "rolls". Lane Bryant actually has some very nice stuff, I've bought from there and Dress Barn Plus or whatever they call it. You take care of yourself. Hip replacement at 48??? Ouch!

Deb - I agree about the pockets. I have some great carpenters pants from Target that have a gazillion pockets. I kind of look like a stuffed chipmunk when I carry my wallet, my cell phone, my glasses....

I guess I'm not a slave to fashion!

The Village Carpenter said...

What I want to know is, did you try the men's jeans on in the men's fitting room????

Presbyfruit said...

I also wear comfortable, sensible shoes and I don't have the same problems that most women my age have with their feet (bunions, hammer toes, etc).

The clothes I've bought at Target are among my favorites--t shirts and yoga pants. The only men's stuff I buy anymore are boxer shorts, so I haven't noticed the price discrimination, but I'm not surprised. It's a man's world, baby.