Monday, November 17, 2008

The weird place that is my head

My sister - Neetzy over at Negativespace is the artist of the family.

I've dabbled in different things over the years. I had a wonderful drawing teacher Abbey Ryan (check out her website sometime) a few years ago that led me to take painting classes and I did OK actually. You could tell what it was that I was trying to draw or paint.

I like photography - I play around with that too when I'm in the mood:

But mostly I'm a doodler.

I've have always drawn the weirdest little cartoons and abstract thingys on my notebooks at school, on my blotters at work and my favorite doodling surface is the Post It!

Many, many little tiny works of Shazza art have been created on these little 3 x 3 inch squares.

Very rarely do I actually save them, I doodle and throw away. No evidence is left behind.

But today you're in for a real treat because today is the unveiling of Shazza Post It Art!

Ta Da!

I have a thing for Angelina Jolie type lips...not sure where that comes from, maybe I'll show these to my counselor and she can analyze them!

Would love to see anyone else's doodles if they have any to share!


the only daughter said...

That geometric shapes thingy looks like an embroidery project I did some years back.

I'll have to remember to save some of my post-it arts. :)

neetzy said...

You have a wonderful sense of design sis! Put these altogether and you have something really special! I will post my doodles some day !

Scout said...

I LOVE your Post It art! And those lips are gorgeous.

Shazza said...

Deb - embroidery! Wow...I remember that. I used to enjoy that! Please share.

Neetzy - Awwww shucks thanks sis!

Scout - Thank you very much. That is very kind of you!

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