Sunday, November 09, 2008

S&M on a Date

Get your mind out of the gutter...not THAT kind of S&M!

A few weeks ago I found an advertisement for a small theatre group in Philly called the Nice People Theatre Group. They were putting on a play called: Psalms of a Questionable Nature. After reading about the play, I asked M if she wanted to go.

She said YES!

We had ourselves a date!

After 11 + years together we don't go out on "dates" much anymore and we should. We really enjoy each other's company.

Sure we go out to dinner, to the movies or out with friends, but this we planned just for ourselves.

The play was performed in a 52 seat black box studio so it was as intimate as you can get. There were only 2 actresses on the small stage and most of the seats were filled with a very responsive and receptive audience.

No big flashy set, very low budget but well done.

The story itself was OK. There were some holes and it bills itself as a thriller - that was a stretch. The actresses did a very good job though and we really enjoyed it. We will keep this little theatre company on our list of things to do.

After the performance we took a nice walk to a little place called Mixto which is a Cuban, South American, Venuzuelan, Latin American restaurant. We stuffed ourselves on plantains, guacamole, papas rellenas, Churrasco Argentino Con "chimichurri", Chuletas Fritas Con Tostones, cuban style rice and beans, a nice Cabernet followed up with tres leches, chocolate cake and a cappuccino for me.


Sufficiently stuffed and ready to pop we rolled our full bellies out of the restaurant and walked down Pine Street on a cool, clear and beautiful autumn evening.

It was lovely.

Next weekend we're taking a little trip and going away for the weekend. Something we haven't done in a while and need to do very much. No computers, no dogs, no kids - just the two of us.

I can't wait! This dating is kind of fun! :)


Vic Hubbard said...

Hey Shazza,

You two should also try the "ten second kiss everyday". I think Sylvia saw it on Oprah. After being together 15 years, it has been a great thing. Wink, wink, nod, nod.:D

Shazza said...

Vic - ummmm hmmmm! I like that idea!

the only daughter said...

The date sounds marvelous. As does the 10 second daily kissing.

Indeed, I'll have to keep all this in mind.

Tammy said...

I love the idea of date night, after 25 years together we need to do this, but try dragging Cliff to a movie, oy vey. And that 10 second kiss thing - I know Vic and Syliva and they never told me this, dang people, things like this should be shared. Although with the 2 week cold from hell I am still fighting I would bet a 1 second kiss would be to much for Cliff right now. I'm pretty sure he'd like me to keep all these germs to myself. Soon, we'll try this soon and a date too.

Shazza said...

Deb - I know I'm gonna give it a try!

Tammy - kissing with a cold is not fun. You feel like your suffocating - I think waiting is good.