Saturday, November 08, 2008

Back home and good cup of coffee

Well, I'm back home again anyway.

I was able to reschedule my flight and come back a day earlier than expected. Good move on my part because after having been away from the office for nearly a week I am going to need today to get caught up.

Luckily - it's a crappy day outside so I won't be tempted to rake the leaves or take the dogs for a long walk.

The trip was very good. I had never been to that particular conference before. It's much smaller than the big library conferences and they only have one day where "vendors" can show off their stuff. You get a small 6 foot table, cram as much market stimulating stuff and you can manage and then smile when they take all your giveaways and leave the marketing material behind.

Such is the life of a traveling salesperson!

Anyway - it was a good trip and I got to make a lot of great contacts and meet some really good people. I got to hear Pat Schroder speak about the Google Books lawsuit settlement which was very good. I loved her when she was a Congresswoman and I still love her now!

Also - one of my customer is the mother of Robert Gibbs who was the communications director for Obama's campaign and will most likely be Obama's Press Secretary. She was in Chicago for the triumphant victory and baby sat her grandchildren while her son was proudly celebrating. She was so proud of him!

Today I'm dealing with airplane hangover.

During the landing I had such a hard time clearing my ears that it became quite painful at one point. I thought my right eardrum was going to explode. I wonder if that actually ever happens?

I'll have to Google it.

When I landed I had to call the shuttle service to pick up my car and normally I hold the phone up to my right ear, but it was completely blocked and so I switched to my left ear which after many episodes of childhood "swimmers ear" has left me with only about 60% of my hearing. It was challenging to try and hear the woman on the phone with all of the crazy airport background noises going on, plus she had a very thick Spanish accent - but we managed to communicate somehow.

When I got into my car - someone had adjusted the seats to the "gangsta lean" position. The seat was moved back and the back rest was almost in a laying down position. My mirrors were all "askew" and when I turned on my radio some hip-hop station came blaring at me.

I don't know how comfortable you need to get to drive my car for less than 1/4 mile, but me thinks my car when on a little "joy ride" while I was away. Maybe a dinner run? Maybe I shouldn't think about it too much.

Got the car - hit the road and I was home around 11:30.

M tried to stay awake for me, but when I called from the airport she sounded pretty sleepy so I just got in my jammies and snuggled up to here when I got to bed.

5 minutes later I was in dream land!

The bed I had when I was in Charleston was very comfortable - but nothing beats your own bed!

So today I reluctantly got out of bed to the sound of my dog scratching on his crate to go out. I wasn't actually sleeping, just lying there feeling lazy and comfy in the covers.

I padded downstairs to make my breakfast and decided to make my own coffee instead of going out into the misty, windy, chilly morning in my pajamas and crocs. Hey - I'm only going through the drive thru - it's not like anyone is going to see me!

Making a good cup of coffee eludes me. It's always bitter. I've tried different kinds of coffee, make it different strengths, but it still tastes pretty awful.

I think it may have to do with my coffee maker:

It's a 4 cup Mr. Coffee. I bought it after the coffee maker my Mom gave me as "housewarming" gift finally bit the dust. No one in my house really drinks coffee except for me and I keep it on hand when I don't feel like making the run to Dunkin' Donuts.

It's like a baby coffee maker - I don't think it's old enough to make good coffee yet!

My son told me to get a french press - but they look kind of complicated to me.

After about 4 sips of nasty Baby Coffee maker I slipped on my crocs with my socks, in my jammies and headed towards the nirvana that is Dunkin' Donuts. Now I'm happy sipping my coffee, nibbling on a pumpkin spice donut and catching up on all my blogs.

It's good to be home!


Sharkbuttocks said...

french press is really easy easy and the coffee rocks. Boil water, pour it over grounds, wait four minutes, press the plunger enjoy!

Shazza said...

SB - Thanks! Sounds simple enough!

Vic Hubbard said...

Hey Shazza!!
I've been jonesing for your blog. Way too busy. That is not how to run one's life. Anyway, got caught up. Btw, one note about the french press method: Because you're not filtering, there are a lot more oils from the bean. This is not good if you have cholesterol problems. But, everyone is correct that it is the best coffee this side of good espresso.
We just use a cone style filter. If your coffee is bitter, your grind may be off for your particular method. Coffee ground for cone will be bitter if you are using a basket style. Also if you decide to get a french press, get it ground at Starbucks for the first few times, so you know the granular size you need to get.
Hi to M!

Presbyfruit said...

My mom got me a really rockin' coffee maker but I only use it to heat water for my tea, which comes out instantaneously. I don't know nothin' bout no French presses.

Shazza said...

Vic - You are too kind, thank you. Sounds like you're a coffee conniosseur. I think I'll keep supporting Dunkin' donuts - grounding grandular size sounds way too complicated for me.

Presby - glad that rockin' coffee maker is working out well for you! Have fun on your vacation!

dive said...

Boy I hate that ear pain when you come in to land. It gets me every time.

"French press" always sounds like a sexual position to me. Over here in Euroland they're called caf├ętieres and yes, we use them for simple and quick coffee.
You can't beat a good Gaggia for real coffee, though. Ludicrously expensive but worth every penny.
Their "baby" class coffee makers sell here for the equivalent of around $600. It's the full monty like you get in a Starbucks only family sized. And unlike the cheaper machines it only requires a quick wipe to clean it.
I love mine sooooo much!

neetzy said...

Hey Shaz,

I have a french press. You can try some french pressed coffee when you come out for D's concert. I only use it for special occasions or when the power goes out. BTW, Starbucks' East Coast Roasting Plant is here in York county. We can drive by just to get a nice whiff. The entire town of Manchester smells like Starbucks. (That's where I used to deliver mail.)

Shazza said...

Dive - your right French Press does sound a bit sexual now that you mention it. I don't think a Gaggia is for me since I don't make coffee that much but thanks for the tip!

Neetzy - I'll take you up on that. Although I've always liked your coffee. I think perhaps I'm either making it too strong or too weak. I just can't figure out which.