Thursday, November 20, 2008


Did you read today's paper about how the 3 CEO's of the big US Auto makers flew in their private plans to ask the government for money?

Apparently it's a safety issue and it's one of the perks for being a CEO of a big company. These jets cost $36 million dollars. Why don't they sell off a few of them and see if it affects their business?

Bankrupt Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld defended his $484 MILLION dollar bonus, salary and stock options.

I love this quote: ""I think I'm OK where I am," Mulally said when asked if he was willing to cut his own salary. Mulally earned more than $22 million in 2007, according to a Ford regulatory filing earlier this year."

We all know how hard it is to survive on less than $22 million a year.


So these big CEO's are making millions sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars while they lay off thousands of workers because it will save them money.


What the fa?

What happened to the trickle down effect? Aren't these guys supposed to help out their fellow citizens?

When they heard that Obama said everyone is going to "share their wealth" they got all upset and angry about it - crying he's a socialist. Well weren't they supposed to be doing that under the "Compassionate Conservatism" umbrella?

What is wrong with a little socialism right about now? I think we need it.

Kudos go to UBS and Goldman Sachs for withholding the bonuses to their top execs while they go through this crunch. It may be just PR, but it at least shows a little good faith.

I'm still wondering what these guys actually do to make that much money. The New York Times has a great article today called: What's the Value of a Big Bonus written by Op-Ed Contributor Dan Airely. They conducted a study on how bonuses affect performance and although I know it's not an official scientific study it makes you think!


the only daughter said...

It is really kinda tacky to be standing on the corner with your hat out, begging for change, when the hat is a golden, diamond encrusted fedora.

And be annoyed when you don't get any change? Beyond tacky.

Maria said...

Ugh. They need a good spankin' as my sainted Irish mother used to say.

I'm not a spanker, but I could be one for them....

Presbyfruit said...

This makes me so mad. They need more than a good spanking. They need the diamond-encrusted fedoras stuck forcibly up their arses!

Vic Hubbard said...

See that's the beauty of capitalism. Everyone thinks these guys are sleaze. Now the right thing to do is not buy from the sleaze. The company loses money, they get fired, capitalism wins again. My wife is from Germany and has loved the fact that here in the states we can actually benefit from a good work ethic. Over there her Mom lives next to a family that lives as good or better and never works. There are definitely situations where the government needs to have some oversight, but most free enterprise will be the best thing for a society. It's why I quit FEDEX. I used to get bonuses every year for kicking ass. Then they started rolling the bonuses into regular pay. All this did was give me a pay cut and a raise to the lazy ass, down the belt, that only did what was expected. The grass may always "seem" greener, but it isn't usually the case.