Friday, October 10, 2008

Musical Musings

Hey ohhhhhhhhhh!

What's happening all?

Another Friday, another weekend, another song to get you started off on the right foot.

I picked this song simply because as I was driving home from Philly last night it came on my iPod and I cranked it up...opened the windows and sang along!

Now I don't know how many of you sing along with your radios, but I was the "sing into the hairbrush" kind of girl growing up. At one point in my life I even took vocal lessons because I had wanted a career in theatre and realized that in order to hit some of the notes correctly I needed to learn how to "sing from my diaphragm!"

It's not as easy as many talented singers make it look. It took me weeks of choking and gasping before my diaphragm was strong enough to hit the note and sustain it without cracking. Even if you don't like opera, you have appreciate how much work it is that they do with the instrument they have. Just like playing the piano or guitar or violin, it takes a lot of practice and you need to learn so many different techniques to obtain that kind of quality.

My kids used to beg me NOT to sing when they were little - so that tells you how much my vocal lessons did for me. I can keep the pitch, but I sound like a wounded animal.

It doesn't stop me though, I keep on singing because it makes me happy!

And out of all of the kinds of singers and styles that are out there, I am in awe of a good solid "belt it out from the heart" blues singer.

When you here a good one, they can move you to tears or make you jump up and down and just go crazy. (well, they do me anyway)

The version of this song that I have on my iPod is by Three Dog Night, but it - like many other great songs has been covered by quite a few artists. Since I couldn't find that same version on YouTube I picked my second favorite version of this song done by the Commitments. (GREAT movie by the way, I highly recommend it).

I checked on my buddy Dive's site to see if he and his band of merry men have a version, and I didn't find one, but I get the feeling that this is a song they may have played a few times.

This past few weeks have been quite a ride haven't they? The debates, the economy, the stock markets, the bail out "rescue plan" makes your head spin.

So...if you feel a bit weary...just "Try a Little Tenderness".

Open up the windows and sing it like you own it!

Happy weekend all!



dive said...

I've certainly played that one a few billion times, Shazza.
My favourite is of course Otis Redding and the very best way to listen to this song is giggling into your beer over the opening credits to Doctor Strangelove; the perfect accompaniment.

In fact I'm off to bed in a little while and I'll take the DVD and the laptop with me.

the only daughter said...

I like the Otis Redding version too. I also adore the medly Same Cooke did which also included "Sentimental Reasons" and "You Send Me".

Fantastic way to kick off Friday (night). ;)

wrekehavoc said...

hehehe. whenever i hear this (well, the otis version, anyway), i think to the movie "Bull Durham" when the Tim Robbins character insists the line is: "young girls they do get woolly."

cracks me up every time :-)

Vic Hubbard said...

One of my favorite movies! The lead in The Commitments had some major chops!! BTW..I finally loaded Window's Service Pak 3 and can view you on Firefox again.