Thursday, August 07, 2008


Taking a bit of a blogging break...need to kind of "regroup".

I will leave you with this to put a little smile on your face for the meantime!

Peace all


the only daughter said...

Smiling ! Thanks.

Peace, right back atcha.

dive said...

God, I miss Madeline Kahn!
And I don't know what the heck I'll do without my fix of Shazza.
Have a wonderful "regroup" and come back to your slavering fans soon.

neetzy said...

missed ya shazza,

Everytime I think of Grover now I will think of monkeytooth. Think happy thoughts. Love ya.

Identity Mixed said...

Adore her!

Vic Hubbard said...

Enjoy your respite! Thankfully, I'm fairly new to your site, so I won't have the major withdrawals everyone else is gonna experience. I get to go back and catch up on all the great songs of our adolescence and your generally whacked sense of humor.
I will miss you!