Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday fffffbbbbbblllllllpppppptttttttttt

Ok...I'm still not feeling very blogative today and since I posted 5 songs yesterday...I didn't dare nauseate you with more crap...

...sooooooooooooooooo...what to do?

I will leave you with these three commercials that may tickle your funny bone!

First up - New airline rates are going into effect so I thought it would be nice to advise you what to expect if you are traveling by air anytime soon.

As always...exact change is appreciated:

Next: Hate Crocs? You're not alone!

"Give the finger to fashion!"

Last but not least...invisi-bandages...hang in there with this one:

Have a nice weekend all!



Vic Hubbard said...

LOL What the ...

dive said...

Oh, hee hee hee!
Enjoy your flight: Hilarious!
The Dork Side: God I hate those things!
Extra-absorbent made me laugh so hard I choked!
As for the final moment. Brilliant!
Thanks for these, Shazza. Have a great weekend!

The Village Carpenter said...

Thanks for the chuckle!

neetzy said...

I lol'd. Thank God the "dork" craze has faded a bit. Last summer was ridic. Sweet ending.