Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go Team Part 2




finn said...

oh and what a game it was. I love watching them play. Although I kinda wanna see them lose at some point only to prove that they can be beaten...!

Shazza said...

Finn! Good to see you!

I think it's awesome that they have won, but I hope it doesn't go to their heads. I guess that is part of the hype in sports: "We're #1" and all that, but I hate it when players get too full of themselves.

dive said...

They did!
And thanks to you I ignored the emails from the office and sat and watched your girls win in the rain.

Shazza said...

Dive -


I'll just have to watch the highlights later...we won't be home to watch the US replay of the game.


Tom said...

Gotta admit Shazza, I was spell bound by the game and by MM and KW, in particular. Congratulations on gold. And the diving in the sand bit never gets old. I have to admit that I became a fan of women's beach volley ball when I saw this team play the Japanese team in the past. The Japanese were no match tactically but they yelled every time they hit the ball - kind of like Monica Seles used to - but only better.