Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh...get it out...get it out!

I was driving home from work tonight and I turned off my iPod and decided to listen to the radio for a bit.

BIG mistake!!!

The radio station I was playing was doing one of those: 70's at 7:00 shows.

Normally, this is fine - I like the music from the 70's. It's really the music I grew up with so most of the songs on the radio I know all the words to and I usually sing right along.

But then...Bad Blood by Neil Sedaka came on and I can't get the freakin' thing out of my head.

First of all...I never realized it was Elton John that sang in the background of that song - what an unlikely duo that is

and secondly...Neil Sedaka kind of freaks me out.

He always reminded me of that kid you knew...in your neighborhood, that no one really liked, but he was always around and always kind of obnoxious. A "Mama's boy" who liked to put tap shoes on and sang and danced for his grandma and the weird assortment of "unmarried" aunts in his living room while his Mom played along on the organ.

You remember that kid?

They either grew up to be a serial killer or a profanely successful, either way...you still couldn't like him/her.

SO...I tried to exercise my demons and get the damn song out of my head by wondering over to YouTube to see if I could find a video to watch. (it's the sadist in me...I can't help it)

And I found this:



What in HEAVEN's name is this?

Now I can't stop watching this video.


I am going to have nightmares about this...I just know it.

I am mesmerized.

I'm terrified.

I am....very sorry that I made you all watch this. Thank goodness most of you don't know where I live.

(what the hell is that pasted on his right butt cheek anyway? is that a flower)


dive said...

Eww! Creepy to the max!
The stuff of nightmares, Shazza.
Those poor backing singers must have been in therapy for years afterward.

The only good bit about it was when it finished it gave me the opportunity to watch Heart perform Magic Man (hee hee) and - far more importantly - a song that's still a mainstay of my set, Steely Dan ripping through Reelin' In The Years.
How YOUNG they look!
Memories …

Scout said...

Yep, I think it's an iron-on flower. I'm more concerned with the shirt and medallion combination.

He was interviewed on Fresh Air just last year because he has released some kind of retrospective, and I was amazed people care enough to give him a market, and for Terri Gross to pay attention. Giminy.

the only daughter said...

Do-run, do-run, di di di run run Bad Blood. OMGosh, what a blast.

The Village Carpenter said...

Oh man, he's HOT!

That thing on his butt is the slice of tomato he sat on at lunch.

Sharkbuttocks said...

Like Dick Cheney and really bad drag, Neil Sedaka just creeps me out.

finn said...

wow. I never felt luckier to be at work than I am now. My computer here has a random problem with videos and will crash if I watch a flash video. So I'm not gonna watch the video and be scarred for the rest of my life :)

Poetikat said...

Great Shaz! Thanks a bunch - that's gonna be haunting me now for a while - the image of Neil in that shirt and that song (I actually liked the song and I knew Elton was on it, it was around the time Elton did the "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart with Kiki Dee (as if SHE could!)

What's really scary is that Neil is still touring! Yikes. Who's buying tickets, I'm wondering?

BTW, that kid in MY neighbourhood we called him Groovy Graham. In puberty he became this ultra hairy guy - we were grossed out by the hair on his back (not to mention his Speedo bathingsuit.


Presbyfruit said...

Is there a male equivalent of camel toe? if so, I think Neil's sporting it (in addition to that groovy combover).

Kinda cute.