Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Beanbag Chronicles

Driving home from work the other evening, I selected a playlist on my iPod that I must have created a while ago and have no recollection of creating it!

The songs were all female artists...most of them are kind of what you would consider sappy songs.

Slow...kind of mellow...

...then one song came back and I was immediately transported back to when I was in 7th grade. A pimply faced, greasy feathered haired, desert shoe wearing, freckled and bespectacled, hormone raging pre-teenager sitting in my bean bag chair, with my big clunky head phones on, basking in the glow of my lava lamp and multiple candles dripping on old Chianti bottles that my parents threw away.

Stacked on my record player were 3 or 4 albums of pre-teenage "I'll never fall in love" songs that will depress even the cheeriest.

Remember those days?

Your body is starting to mature, you're becoming sexually aware of "things" and at the same time Mother Nature plays a nasty trick on you and decides to turn you into the most revolting creature on earth!

And so...I was brilliantly inspired for my next series of heart wrenching, ear bleeding, nauseating songs. the time...when I thought I would never find my "special someone", they were what comforted me.

I've mentioned it before, but I was a total teenie bopper. My sister, who is 4 years older than me, was far cooler and into artists like Led Zepplin, Greg Allman, The Rolling Stone, the Beatles and more of the rock genre.

I was teased relentlessly for my taste in music as a kid, but made me happy at the time and my tastes have "matured and developed" since then!

This first song, and the inspiration for the series, was done Helen Reddy.

Don't worry it is NOT: "I Am Woman"!

This was one of her lesser known misses, but it was perfect for the adolescent little me who was hoping someday to fall in love.

When I was telling M about this song...she remembered it too and she was more from the cool rock genre kind of kids (more the Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath girl actually) , so I didn't feel all that bad about it.

The first line of the song sets the mood for sure, but it's the "oooohhhhaaaaaaahhhaaahhhh" that really gets me!


Those were the days!

Oh...and I have many, many, MANY more!

Tune in next week kids for another heart wrenching episode of "The Beanbag Chronicles"!


the only daughter said...

Myyyy emooootion Oh. My. Goodness. I haven't heard this song in ages. The lyrics just rolled off the tongue. Where they heck did they come from?

The Village Carpenter said...

Never heard that song, but I did like Helen Reddy back in the day....

Maria said...

Helen Reddy had a show? I don't remember that at all....

dive said...

I know the tune but with completely different lyrics. I've never heard that version before.
To my shame, I know it as "Amoreuse" by chirpy Aussie Olivia Newton John.
I'm afraid I was in that older, Led Zep and Pink Floyd set, Shazza. We were always dating the girls in your slightly younger set but constantly nagging them about their appalling musical taste.
What dorks we were.