Monday, May 19, 2008

The Wall

A little background:

M and I are opposites.

She is analytical - I am a flake.

I am optimistic - she is more pessimistic.

M likes sports - I like art.

I am a morning person - M is NOT!

M loves horror movies - the more flesh eating zombies and things the scare the shit out of you the better.

I like romantic comedies and weird artsy flicks.

Music - ugh, we couldn't be more different if we tried. I like just about everything with the exception of hard rock and rap. I tend to be more poppy in my tastes over all, but the music I listen to really depends on my mood. Some days I just need music to blend into the background - classical and "smooth jazz" are perfect when I'm painting or reading a book. After a really aggravating day at work I put on Joan Jett, Pink, Alanis or anything I can scream to.

M is more of a hard rocker. She was into heavy metal in the 70's and hated disco. (sorry...I was the dancing queen) Loved the big hair bands of the 80's and plays her air guitar to all the great guitar solos! Groups like Black Sabbath, Poison, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, ELO, Boston are more her tastes.

She's told me her high school stories of gettin' stoned and rockin' out - where I was going to the teen disco clubs and doin' the hustle with some sweaty guy in ugly polyester shirts trying to be the next John Travolta.

M had one exception though and it's such a drastic contrast to her rockin' and rollin' personality that it cracks me up every time I think about it.

She loves ABBA.


Can you believe that one?

Whenever those feather haired, glittered festooned and harmonious Swedes come over the radio, she cranks it up and sings along!

Need proof?

How's this?

A picture of the wall in her bedroom when she was a teenager:

She was cleaning out some old drawers and boxes and came across this photo. I can't believe she actually took a picture of it...but hey?!?!
What a hoot!

I told her right away that this is sooooooo going in the blog!

We even went to see Mama Mia in NY a few years ago. (Fun show btw - if you like ABBA, you'll like the show).

So....I need to know how many other closet ABBA fans are there out there?

Come on, you can admit it!

Hey - you're talkin' to the gal who still has Captain and Tennille albums in her basement.

Yes...yes I do!


The Village Carpenter said...

Sure I like ABBA, I'm a svenska flicka, after all. ; )

Shazza said...

You're a Swedish Fish?

Shazza said...

Or a Swedish Horse?

dive said...

Oh, hee hee hee, Shazza!
What a wonderful wall! I had a similar one in the sixties, covered in Beatles stuff.
I'm too old for Abba but I can see the attraction.

finn said...

I'm raising my hand in shame...I have no album or posters. but I know all the lyrics and when I was in stockholm I went to the ABBA, I'll go be ashamed somewhere...:)

PS: did I mention, I'm only 24!

PPS: btw shazza, flicka means girl...

Shazza said...

It's OK...there is no shame. It's fun really is.

I think M is envious you went to the museum!

Thanks for the translation!

Poetikat said...

"Can you hear the drums, Fernando?"

Well, the airwaves were just inundated with their stuff in the 70s, right? It's hard not to like them, I mean they're so upbeat and fun and dance-inducing.

Personally, I love "Money, Money, Money".