Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mini Me

Dealing with a bout of insomnia this morning, I decided to make my awake time a bit productive!

I have stacks and stack of old photos sitting on my desk and in an old Rubbermaid container down here in my basement which is kind of "my office", but I have a small selection of photos that have always been my favorites. Most of them are friends and kids at various phases in their lives and there are a few of me thrown in there.

Usually, I'm the one taking photos, not in them. I am a bit camera shy now that I have several chins, but I came across an old favorite photo of me.

The year was: 1967

I was 4

My babysitter had gotten a new Polaroid camera and was taking pictures of everything. This was back when you took the picture...then had to apply some kind of developing stuff to it then watched the image "magically appear" before your eyes.

You can imagine how mesmerized I was by this thing; and being the self absorbed 4 year old that I was...I happily posed for my picture to be taken by this magic modern gadget.

I present to you:


Cute as a button wasn't I?

It is one of those childhood memories that always pops up in my head from time to time. I remember the house that we lived in. I remember my babysitters house too. I took M for a drive down there a couple of months ago - geez...the ol' hood has changed. There are parts of southern Jersey that are very rural, this is in the heart of what we call "The Pinelands". (Yes, I'm a Piney and proud of it). You don't want to wander off some of the main roads down can get a bit scary!

We moved from that house when I was in kindergarten. I was devastated at the time. I didn't want to be separated from my best friend Sheri. I didn't want to go to a new school and have to make new friends.

I got over it pretty quickly though. The girl from across the street came over my house the day after we moved in and she became my new best friend.

Plus I was a bit of an explorer and there were all kinds of woods and swamps and new places and new "stuff" for me to investigate.

Fun times!

I may post a few more in the days/weeks ahead. I love pulling out the old photos from time to time. It seems a bit "old fashioned" to look at old photos now that everything is digital...even digital picture frames - but I promise I won't bore you too much!

Enjoy the weekend all!


Sharkbuttocks said...

You're still cute!

dive said...

You sure were cute, Shazza.

More old photos, please. I love 'em.

Wyldth1ng said...

Nifty picture.

The Village Carpenter said...


sam said...

old photos.. nothin like them. digital somehow takes away the spirit of the picture.

Poetikat said...

What a doll-face! I have a bunch of pretty cute shots too.
We just graduated from polaroids to digital (very recently) We put up a good fight, but that 10 bucks for film was killing us!