Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wah, wah

Raise your hands if you feel sorry for the big oil guys who are under scrutiny for gouging us at the pumps!


How about for Mr. J. Stephen Simon at Exxon whose total compensation last year was $12,000,000 (yes...that is 12 million dollars).

Maybe you feel bad for poor Mr. Lowe of ConocoPhillips who wasn't sure about his compensation (bullshit) or Mr. Hofmeister of Shell who only got $2.2 million. (boo hoo)

Still don't feel sorry for them?

Me either!

As prices go over $4 a gallon here in the US (it's about $10 a gallon in the UK, but then again the Pound kicking the dollars ass at the moment) we all worry about how the higher prices of gas will affect us.

I'm thinking - not too much really.

What choice do we have? If you live in the "burbs" you gotta drive to where ever it is you want to go.

Still...I don't feel sorry for these guys...let them sit in the hot seat. It's all political posturing because a big election is coming up and they need to make an example of someone.

After the elections, deals will be made, the microscope will be lifted and once again they can go back and make lots and lots of money so that they can: "pay for investments in the long term when profits will be down." (yeah...their 23rd house on 100 acres in Montana needs a new state of the art pool that does the swimming for you or something equally obscene)

Until we find reliable/clean alternative fuels and reduce or need for oil...this ain't ever gonna change.



Wyldth1ng said...

You know that one of the major factors is supply and demand, and another is lack of refinery production. I blame California.

dive said...

Please send me a few barrels of your lovely, super-cheap $4 a gallon gas, Shazza.
It's the equivalent of a little over $12 a gallon in my village and as I live miles from anywhere I have to buy an awful lot of the stuff.
Hey ho.

The Village Carpenter said...

I don't know how these big oil guys can sleep at night. Greed trumps ethics.