Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's not the size of the cigar...

but how you smoke it!

I finally finished up my last roll of film from the UK. I wasn't really happy with any of them. So I am not posting any. The day was cloudy, I was kind of rushed and...well...I'm coming up with all kinds of excuses aren't I?

I do have to share just one with you though - check out the gangsta's in this shot:

This was taken in a restaurant in Liverpool. We were just about to leave when I saw these guys! It was a stag party and the Groom to be is in the center with the big cigar (in his dreams).

He was PISSED! (drunk) I could barely get a coherent sentence out of him, but he did warn me that if I didn't get his good side I'd be wearing cement shoes!

This is one thing you don't really see in the states. The Hen parties and Stag parties where they all get dressed up. I think it's hysterical and love the fact that they all get into it.

I wish the newlyweds well and a long and happy life together...I just hope she wasn't dressed as Bonnie Parker for her hen party...that may be a bad omen!


dive said...

You'll never get a coherent sentence from anyone in Liverpool, Shazza, or indeed find anyone who's not totally shit-faced by ten in the morning.

They were awarded European City Of Culture a while back but only because the whole place is like a giant petri dish where all sorts of unpleasant things lurk and grow.

They are currently at war with London over some extremely off-colour Liverpool jokes told by Boris The Incompetent, London's Mayor.

Shan said...

Haha :) They really looked the part. I wonder if those mustaches were all real. Glad you had an interesting trip Shazza.

Poetikat said...

I think it's kind of a fun tradition, but I tell you, I would not want to be a taxi driver anywhere in the UK. When they pick up the pissed members of the Hen Night parties or the legless Stag Do blokes, puking their guts out in the mini-cab, that must just be so gross! I hope they at least get some decent tips out of it.
Charming photo though!