Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm bummed

So did you hear the news about Jodie Foster?

It seems she broke up with her partner Cydney Bernard. They were together for 15 years!!!

Had 2 kids together!

One of the coolest things about them...they did it under the radar. They kept their personal life...PERSONAL! It was there business and no one else's.

I admired her for that because it's so very hard in today's world for people in the public eye not to have ever scrap of detail of their lives thrown on every surface of the media to make a buck.

I don't like how they described her ex partner: "Jodie’s old love Cydney was a slightly frumpy older woman, a weather-beaten blonde who had been content to ditch her career for the past 11 years to devote herself to Jodie and their boys".

Geez - that's a bit rough isn't it? She wasn't stunning, but I thought she was attractive. (I have a "thing" for older women don't go by me)

Now her new GF is described as: " in her new lover Jodie has chosen a media- savvy powerhouse - Cynthia Mort Her youthful Mediterranean looks (strong brows, dark hair as shiny as a conker) are the precise opposite of Cydney's wholesomeness".

Now the media is in a frenzy wondering how much "galimony" Cydney will get.'s none of our business.

They had a life's over...they both have to settle it up and move on.


Well...I wish them both peace and happiness and hope the kids are kept in their minds as they go through this process.


the only daughter said...

I know, it's a bummer. I remember thinking at the time the out news was revealed...why now? Something's up.

Rumor has it that JF was (is?) having an affair w/Cindy Mort who has 2 kids w/former ex-partner, Melanie Mayron. ~haven't seen that on any legit news outlet so...

Never-the-less, the feeding frenzy for sleezy news over this sad episode has begun.

The Village Carpenter said...

I was bummed, too. Very sad. We've all been through breakups and know how painful it is.

dive said...

That's a great shame.
I liked Cydney, she seemed like such a nice, normal woman.

I hadn't heard the news but then I never read that sort of stuff anyway.
I suppose it's too much to hope the gutter press will leave them alone.

Fireblossom said...

Wow, I hadn't heard. And yes, it is interesting that it comes so soon after the out thing.

Chekhov said "no one knows the real truth" and that's true here too. Goddess bless them, it's their business.

Poetikat said...

I agree. Just leave them alone to their lives.