Thursday, February 21, 2008

They're baaaaack

Nudge, nudge.



"Mom! wake up! There is something crawling in the insulation in the basement!"

Wha? Huh?

Nudge, nudge.



"There is something crawling around in the insulation in the basement!!!"

Fa-king A - I just got to sleeeeeep! ugh

I grudgingly trodded downstairs to the basement where my daughter was multi-tasking: watching TV, IM'ing her friends on the computer, texting her friends on her side kick.

She calmly pointed up towards the ceiling where you could actually see...the padding of the insulation "moving".

I rubbed my eyes...looked again. I asked her to turn down the TV.

scritch, scratch...scratch.

"It's kind of creepy" she nonchalantly tells me.

I nod - still fairly groggy.


"Looks like the mice are back again" I tell her.

"Yup...looks like it. I just wanted to let you know."


"Ok...thanks. I'll take care of it in the morning"

"Ok! Good night!"

"Good night!" I kissed her on the head and padded back upstairs and went to bed.

M murmured sleepily: "What's going on?"

"The mice are back." I tell her as I get back under the covers.

"No way!"

"Way...I'll take care of it in the morning."


"uh huh...sneaky little bastards they are." I whisper as I snuggle back in. "Good night again."


We go to bed with visions of vermin running through our heads!

In the morning I re-baited the traps.

Last night as I was sitting at my computer I could hear them gnawing at the poison. Victory and defeat all at the same time.

None of us are happy about killing the mice, but they weren't invited and we don't really have a choice.


Poor little bastards.


The Village Carpenter said...

Our Cairn, Rosie, caught a mouse the other week and took it outside with her. I was a proud momma.

And my mom was so impressed, she had flowers delivered to her (no joke), addressed to: Rosie's #1 Dog Detective Agency.

Shazza said...


Good girl Rosie!

Normally our guys are pretty good vermin hunters, but these mice are running up along the sill of the basement and Westies have short little's kind of hard for them to reach that high!

the only daughter said...

My daughter (pre working in the animal shelter days-which is stinky w/mice) would have screamed her bloody head off. In fact, one night she did.

Between my cat, dog the downstairs neighbor's two cats and the upstairs neighbor's one--haven't seen a mouse in moooonths. ssshhh.. I know as soon as I say that outloud...bam. mouse.

Shazza said...

LOL Only - I am surprised my daughter didn't...if it was a would have heard her for miles!

I hope you didn't jinx yourself, but it sounds like the animals are keeping the vermin away! Good job!

Michelle said...

Eew! Well on Christmas Eve day I kidnapped my 10 year old neice from Brick, took her to Perkins, bribed her with Bath & Body works and gave her $5 to carry out the mouse trap from my kitchen ... I saw a mouse in there the Thursday prior to Christmas. I almost threw up b/c I was so upset. I bought the electric things you put in the wall - the high frequency things, not one since! :) And I heard enough of the "Merry ChristMOUSE" and was even given "Ratatouille" for Chrismas, I gave it back....