Monday, February 25, 2008


Has this ever happened to you?

You are leaving a voice mail for someone - like a client and then all of a sudden in mid-sentence - you SNEEZE?

Please - someone tell me I'm not the only idiot this has ever happened to.


LG said...

Oh, I've totally done that. I'm the worst voice-mail-leaver EVER. I hear the beep, and all of a sudden I've forgotten who I called. Or I sneeze. Or I just plain ramble. Whatever happens, it's not good.

the only daughter said...

I've sneezed, coughed and even just gone blank.

It happens.

dive said...

You are not alone, Shazza.
My worst was leaving a phone message while I was cooking and dropping a pan of boiling water (and potatoes) onto the floor.
The message had a LOT of swearing and clattering on it.

Sharkb said...

You're so not alone, I've also snorted!