Tuesday, January 08, 2008

L Word

M and I watched the L Word last night.

Can someone please just shoot Jenny? God I hate that character! I didn't think she could get anymore obnoxious than she already was, but somehow they managed it!!!!


The Village Carpenter said...

We don't get showtime anymore. Too depressing after they killed off Dana. So, we save some $$ and no longer have to put up with Jenny!

the only daughter said...

Jenny is a pain, true. Buckle your seatbelts she's likely to get much worse before she gets better.

The rest, though....fun to watch.

Presbyfruit said...

Ho hum. I totally forgot it was starting a new season.

HOWEVER, updates are appreciated.

Maria said...

We don't get showtime. I live with a penny pincher. We got to choose between HBO and showtime and since I was a die hard Sopranos fan, we went with HBO.

Shazza said...

Well, maybe I'll post some updates on here since there are a few people who can't watch it.

Maria - is your partner a CPA? I have one of them, she watches every nickle, but when it comes to her TV she goes all out!

During baseball season - fuhgetabout it, I turn into a sports widow.