Thursday, January 10, 2008

Home with a head cold

I have a very sexy voice right now. That's if you like women with deep, raspy voices. Normally I do find it appealing - when it's on someone else and when I don't feel like my head is about to explode.

The cold is working it's way through the family. M had it first, the poor thing had to be on an airplane for 5 hours with a stuffed head. That is pretty close to torture in my book. I started showing the signs on Tuesday night with a "tickle" in the throat and by mid-afternoon yesterday I started sounding like Kathleen Turner. The daughter is showing the first symptoms today as well and we're all popping mucinex trying to drain our sinuses so that we can breathe.

The dogs are absolutely delighted that I am home spending the day on the couch with them. Corky - keeps trying to bury himself under the covers with me and Casey - he just keeps staring at me with those adorably cute little doggy eyes. I wish I knew what he was trying to tell me. He's been out, so I know it isn't that. It's a little unnerving to have a dog just stare at you sometimes. I think he wants to sit on top of me as well, but my lap is only so big and I really don't really want him up here at the moment.

It's so rare that I get sick like this I don't know how to act. The hyper part of me wants to do something, I can't stand laying still, but I have absolutely no energy to do anything and I ache all over.

I went through all of my favorite blogs and normally I make some comment - I can't think of a blessed thing to say.

I keep hearing my blackberry buzzing every time I get a new e-mail at work. Guilt tells me that I should go check on that, but my body says: Oh no you are not!

I got angry at M the other morning because she told me she wanted to go to work when it was so obvious to me that she wasn't feeling well. I snapped at her and told her NO! Stay home and get some rest.

Now I am sitting here fighting the urge to go and check my voice mails and e-mails from work when I should be taking my own advice.


Being sick sucks.


The Village Carpenter said...

Maybe Casey is staring at you because he's not used to seeing you sit around and not being hyper! Maybe he thinks you're a pod person.

Presbyfruit said...

Hope you feel better.

There's something healing in itself about lying around on a couch with little doggies.

finn said...

hope you're feeling better by now.

being sick is the worst thing. I'm such a bad patient usually that ppl keep telling me I should become a doctor :)

but there's just no other way. the only way out is through. good luck that it doesn't take too long.

and hand off the blackberry!!

LG said...

Feel better soon! I hate being sick, too. I don't want to listen to anyone about meds to take or whether or not I should be resting, which I'm sure adds a few days to the illness. Just take care of you!

Sharkb said...

Feel better soon! We hate colds!