Monday, January 28, 2008


I have a really annoying habit of sticking an exclamation point after a lot of my sentences when I write.

What is up with that?

I just re-read an e-mail I was going to send to a client, I always proof read them so I don't sound too much like and idiot and I had 4 exclamation points within it!!!!

My e-mail looks like a 16 year old wrote it and if it was written in long hand, you would have seen little circles or hearts over each "i" instead of dots.

I am trying to sell academic peer-review journals to librarians, not Teen Magazine!

Where did this habit come from?

I am not sure.

I think I want to try and seem friendly and cheerful in my e-mails but if I were the customer and recieved an e-mail like that, I would have thought the author was some kind of deranged psychopath.

I was trying to remember my Grammar rock lessons about Interjections.

By the power of You Tube I got to watch it all over again and get a refresher course on my use of exclamation points.


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