Friday, January 25, 2008

Evil Cookies

The receptionist at work is selling Girl Scout Cookies on behalf of her granddaughter.

I have a weakness when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies - especially Thin Mints.

I can eat a whole sleeve of these evil cookies in one sitting if I am not too careful.

Knowing I have this weakness, you would think that I would be smart and not buy them in the first place.

Why tempt fate?

I convinced myself that I bought them for my daughter C. She loves them and she's only 20 and is skinny and has that fabulous 20 year old metabolism that dissolves everything she eats instantaneously.

They are upstairs right now, calling me...beckoning me to taste their chocolaty/minty goodness.

I .... must ... resist.

Or at least convince my daughter to take them to work with her!

Maybe I'll just have 2 more before she takes them away.


finn said...

that's super cute! I so know this feeling. If I don't watch myself I'll eat one glass of Nutella just so. they come in different sizes but that doesn't matter. whichever size you give me, I'll eat it...there are some other chocolate-goodies that I will eat just so. and ask gf how shocked she still is when she discovers what I've done. she should know better by now.

Maria said...

Ah...I love thin mints too. And I shove three at a time into my mouth. This is very unattractive.

The Village Carpenter said...

If you buy a food item that helps benefit children in some way, I'm pretty sure the calories are negated. It's like a law or something.