Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holiday Yule Log

Having lived in houses most of my life that had a fire place I always enjoyed that warm glow of the fire on Christmas. Even if it was 60 degrees out!

M and I don't have a fire place and since she grew up on Puerto Rico, they are a bit of a mystery to her.

Then I told her about the Yule Log on TV.

She did NOT believe me when I told her that there was a fireplace on TV that they broad casted every Christmas morning so that people without fireplaces could "enjoy a nice fireside".

One Christmas morning I found the Yule Log on TV and had it on for her when she woke up!

She was hooked!

Now we watched it High Definition on a 40inch big screen!

Ahhhhh, I can hear the crackling popping fire and almost feel it's toasty warmth!

For those of you who don't have the Yule Log broadcast in your area...fret not - it's on You Tube...of course!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas all!


The Village Carpenter said...

I hope Presby doesn't read this. She keeps pushing for a big, flat screen, high-def TV. And to be able to watch a yule log in hi-def will be too much temptation for her!

Presbyfruit said...

I read that!

Is the yule log on On Demand, or on one of the music channels? I want to put it on.

Shazza said...

LOL - it's on just one of the HD channels here Presbyfruit. You may have to surf your channel guide to find one close to you! GOOD LUCK!

I see a big screen in your future!!!

Wyldth1ng said...

Cant see it, so it must be imaginary.

Shazza said...

Sorry Wyld - I don't know why you can't see the image. Just close your eyes and imagine a fire place and that is pretty much it.