Monday, December 23, 2013

Caution - Raving lunatic Rant!!!

I am all for workers rights, but I as an employer I also have to side with some plain ol' common sense:

If you work for a company and they fire you or suspend you because you did something either on their time or even on your own time that they don't agree with...don't get your panties in a wad because it happens.

YOU - are an individual....we have to deal with many different people every single day. 

YOU - represent us in your actions.  If your actions cause controversy we have every right to separate you from our employment.

WE - have an image and reputation to uphold.  We work our ass off to keep that up.  If you drag that in the mud with your shenanigans – GOOD BYE!

WE – tell you our company policies and rules and regulations…and the BIG companies even make you sign something that makes sure you know what those policies/rules/regs are.  If you do something that breaks that contract, said or unsaid….we don’t want you around anymore.

YOU have the right to be treated fairly, respectfully and without prejudice – but that also works both ways.  WE try our best not to discriminate, but you are hired to do a job, represent a company/organization etc…keep up your end too.

With that being said, if you are gay and you get fired because you married your partner and you work for a Catholic organization  - don't be so freakin’ shocked!  If you are a redneck and say some inflammatory remarks about gays/blacks or anyone else and we suspend your  ass – “HELL-FUCKING-O”!    If you are a muslim and refuse to sell alcohol to a customer because it’s against your beliefs…sorry honey, that’s your job.  Work for someone who won’t put you in that position.

Come on people!  COMMON SENSE!  PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!  Use the freakin’ head that is on your shoulders and guess what, you are part of a collective universe…it’s not all about YOU!  Yes, you have rights, but you don’t have the RIGHT to abuse those rights either. 

OK…that’s my rant. 

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8thday said...

I love this rant! I have gotten so tired of everything being "us" versus "them". The concept of "we" really needs to make a comeback. Unfortunately I think it will take a major disaster or war or financial collapse for people to get their heads out of their own "me, me, me" butts and start to think collectively again.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season and a happy, healthy new year.