Tuesday, July 03, 2012


90% of my clientele are women between the ages of 35 and 55. 

The men that come in to the store are either there because their wives/girlfriends dragged them shopping, they are buying a gift for their wives/girlfriends/Moms or they just think the store is cool and they like to see what new stuff I get in. 

Occasionally I get the guy who shops. 

I don't have a lot of "guy" stuff in the store.  Men are hard to shop for!  I do however have a lot of  genderless gifts.  Oil lamps, garden stakes, fish things (in a shore town it's all about the fish), wooden sculptures, Fair Trade Coffee and chocolate...etc. 

A gentleman came in today about 15 minutes before I closed up the shop.  He's been in before.  Quiet kind of shy.  Most of the time he looks around silently, picks up the occasional item and then just walks out.

I said "Hello!" as I try to do with every customer, but I was preoccupied with the new art work that was being dropped off so I was a bit distracted.  

I think it gave him time to cruise around the store and check things out without feeling like I was watching him.

He bought an oil lamp, asked about a "cool cigar ashtray" and was interested in a Buddah necklace.  "Could a guy where that?"  he asked me. 

"Sure, I've actually sold this to a few guys already.  It's either that, or the shrunken head or the Tiki necklace they go for."

He looked at one of the shrunken heads - but was zoned in on the Buddah and decided to go for it.

The pendant is actually a domino that is painted on one side and hangs from a dogtag type of chain.  It was a little too long, so I cut it down for him.  He tried to put it on himself but was having a hard time so I offered to help him. 

I jokingly said, "see, now you can ask your wife to help you with your necklace!" 

"Oh, she won't touch me."  He remarked very calmly.  "Not anymore anyway."

I didn't really know what to say...so I said nothing.  I went back behind the counter and wrote up his ticket.

"We've been married for 9-10 years, known each other since forever so it really doesn't matter any more." 

Me...silent.  It's always best to keep quiet in this kind of situation. 

"Basically we got married because we had a kid and I guess it's what society wants right? To see a Mom and Dad together with the kids and not split up." 

"Wow" I thought...just keep your mouth shut Sharon.

"Anyway, it works.  So...hey thanks and I'll be back again."  I think he realized he said too much and kind of hurried out the door. 

"Have a Happy 4th"  I yelled, "See ya next time!" 

"Oh yeah...you too." he answered.

I hope he's happy in his life.

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