Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh boy!

It's a boy!

His name is Cody and he's the new addition to Casa Murphy/Perez.

Now we have 3 Westies and 2 goldfish (Herbie and Freddie were survivors from my rain barrels).

Oh how we have forgotten how much work a puppy is! He has been pretty good about doing his business outside and loves harassing his bigger brothers! He chases THEM around. He is very bold, very energetic and completely fearless.

I will try to get a picture of all three of them eventually - but for now here is the new addition all by his fearless little self.


queersome said...

he is absolutely ADORABLE! :)
I want a puppy too, but finn won't let me have one. ok, she would, but the bunnies wouldn't like it much. maybe in a bigger flat some day...

more pictures, I demand more pictures!!!

dive said...

He is almost painfully cute, Shazza.
I can't wait to see the shot of the three of them together.

neetzy said...

Too cute!