Friday, November 27, 2009

Dive's 500 Word Challenge

I decided to take on Dive's 500 Word Challenge of the week.

This week's sentence is: "So, you fancy going over the road for a bit of looting and pillage?"

It's titled: Crog and Titus

Crog and Titus were sitting by the fire feeling quite satiated from their dinner of geese and partridge. They were big and strong men – hunters.
This had been a good hunt and they would go back to their village proudly and share their bounty with their families.
All in all they managed to bag six geese, seven swans, two turtle doves and three French hens. That should keep them feed for at least a week before they would need to hunt again.
Crog grunted opening up the front of his loin cloth to accommodate the expanding belly.
“We did good Titus. Our village will be proud of us. We will be hero’s among our people and shall be treated like kings!”
Titus who was Crog’s young apprentice hunter viewed things a bit differently. “I don’t we got enough to sustain our families and we will have to hunt again too soon. This is too tiresome for me.”
Crog scratching his belly looked impatiently over at Titus who was neatly folding his furs, burying the bones, preserving the leftover meat in small tightly closed leather pouches and sweeping up around the fire. “You fuss about too much Titus. Stop sweeping, that is woman’s job.”
“We are cro-magnon and highly evolved. We need to show our future generations that we cared about our lands and stored our foods so it would last longer. Look Crog, I was able to use some scraps of leather to make these wonderful patchwork pouches in which we can carry our bounty better! Aren’t they wonderful?”
Crog burping rolled his eyes and started drifting off to sleep.
As Crog slept, Titus felt the call of nature and wandered off into the nearby bushes to take care of business.
Carefully digging a small hole in the ground, Titus crouched down and concentrated. While admiring the stars up in the sky he heard a sound in the distance. Always the curious one, he finished up and quickly covered up the dung hole with some lovely pine branches and set off to find the sound.
Crossing over a small dirt road Titus saw a small village of people dancing around what looked like a bright fire. There were seven lords a leaping, eight maids a milking, eleven pipers piping, twelve drummers drumming. Titus noticed that it wasn’t just a fire they were dancing around there were 5 golden rings sitting perched up on a small alter with 4 calling birds around them.
Running quickly and quietly back towards their camp, Titus woke Crog up and told him about what he had seen.
“Eight maids a milking and 5 golden rings!? Crog said excitedly! “We will surely be treated as Kings if we bring them back to our village!
“I wouldn’t mind a lord a leaping or two for myself!” exclaimed Titus, we can kill the rest of them the noise is just so irritating”.
“So Crog, "So, you fancy going over the road for a bit of looting and pillage?"


dive said...

Wow, Shazza! That must be the quickest response ever! Well done!

Hee hee hee for your fabulous story! What festive fun!
I do like Titus and Crog. I hope we meet them again some time.
Nice to discover that Cro Magnon men sported manbags. Yay!
Excellent stuff.

neetzy said...

What fun! What an original response!

Lulubelle B said...

Great story Shazza! Love the way you worked in the Christmas theme.

Yvonne said...

Wow- great story- you have a great imangination!

Poetikat said...

Fun story! I love the names too.

Shazza, My best wishes to you and Margie and your family for a very Merry Christmas!