Friday, June 19, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Did you ever have one of those mornings where you are still between sleep/dreaming and being awake?

That was how I started my day today.

A friend of mine (check out blog here: and I were to meet at one of the local flea markets at 9:00 AM this morning.

I had some really weird dreams last night. I don't remember the details or actually it would be hard for me to write them down because they are so fragmented, but at one part of my dream I read an e-mail from my friend saying she couldn't make it to the flea market because she had to have a medical procedure at 5:00 AM.

No worries - I'll go it alone (and then some other weird stuff happened in the dream)

M usually leaves the house around 6:30 AM and she gives me a kiss goodbye and I drift back to sleep.

So I drifted and then I woke up...or thought I woke up and looked at my alarm clock and it said 9:30!!!

I sprang up in a panic because I was going to be late in meeting my friend. I clumped down the stairs - sometimes it takes a while for my ankles to loosen up so I really don't walk...just kind of clump and grabbed my cell phone to call her and at the same time I was trying to open up my e-mail to see if I really read that she had a medical procedure this morning or if it was part of a dream.

Her phone rang a few times and her voice mail picked up and I looked down at the clock on my computer and it said: 7:10 AM.

I hung up the phone and didn't leave a message - embarrassed.

My e-mail finally came up and there was NOTHING about a medical procedure anywhere and in fact she sent me an e-mail last night to confirm the 9:00 AM meeting.

Talk about confused!!!

It wasn't 9:30 it was only 7:10. I wasn't late at all and just sat in front of my computer trying to figure out where I was.


Actually what did happen was that my friend had really weird dreams too and she overslept and she was late!

(que in Twighlight theme now)

SO - for today's song I thought I would post something that kind of gives you a glimpse of my spaced out frame of mind this morning!

Love the trippy ink blotty things in the background!

Far out!

Peace all!

Have a great weekend!


neetzy said...

Did you have some kind of "mushroom" for dinner last night?
I forgot how pretty Grace Slick was back in the day. Last time I saw her she looked like a washed out horticulturist.

the only daughter said...

Trippy. lol

Peace out.

Tammy said...

glad to know that other people do things like that too. Some times I worry about the things I do, until someone else does them to and somehow it just makes me feel better. Loved the song - wonder what Grace was trippin out on, haha.