Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I got this little idea in my head to build me a raised garden.

Talk about your random thoughts!

So I scoured the Internet for ideas and I found several kits I could "buy" and a few little hints on building my own.

The kits were way too expensive and the build your own types were not what I was really looking for.

Then the idea popped in my head to build a little garden based on the one design that I liked and on the do-it-yourself plans that I found.

I've never "built" anything so why I thought I could do this was beyond me. But I drew a little blueprint of my idea I went and bought me a circular saw and some lumber and went to it!

The big name home improvement store that I went to was not very helpful so I kind of did this on my own.

Here are the results:

Stage 1 - just a beginning as I worked out some of the flaws in my plan! For some strange reason I thought I could get this done in one day! HA!
(did you know that if you by a 2x6 it's actually only 1 3/4 x 5 3/4? I didn't know that! so much for what I thought were careful measurements!)

Stage 2 - it's looking a little more like something!(my dogs did a lot of supervising but did not offer much help)

Stage 3 - Ta da!

It's not exactly "square" but I think it ain't bad for a beginner! I got to play with power tools, I spent most of my time outside and I got to play in the dirt so to me this was a very fun project. Plus it was kind of like putting a puzzle together and I love puzzles!

There was a bit of cursing and swearing during the process but only the dogs were around to hear it so I guess it doesn't really count. (does it?)

All in all it took me 4 days to complete (including 5 trips to the county recycling center to get free compost and buying the plants).

Ask me if I would do it again I would say "hell no!"

I learned my lesson!

Happy Gardening!


neetzy said...

You are amazing Shaz. Your unemployment has stirred up your creativity and industrious nature. Garden on!

Shazza said...

Thanks sis! Now that this is done I hope to focus on more creative things!

Scout said...

How very cool! You should be proud, and you should take photos back to the big name home improvement store and rub their noses in it.

I did know that about 2 x 6s because my father was a carpenter and made sure I knew helpful things like that which I will never use in real life.

the only daughter said...

Awesome. Kudos to you. I think it looks fantastic.

May I hire you to build a platform bed? No rush, whenever you're in town again. :-)

Presbyfruit's History Bits said...

Very cool! I could never do anything like that---I have no spatial sense whatsoever.