Friday, May 01, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Yikes it's nearly 4:30 and I never posted this week's song.

Forgive me but I was hangin' with a friend today and I was having so much fun talking to a live person (besides M) that I just totally forgot!

I need a freakin' job!

I may have an interview next week - so that is promising - keep your fingers crossed for me please!

Most of the "sugary" songs that I have selected for this segment have what I call the "head bob" factor. When I hear them my head just kind of bobs from side to side along with the beat.

This one qualifies and I also think that Axl Rose got his dance moves from this guy.

Maybe it's me - you be the judge:

The song for this week is Daydream Believer by The Monkees (sung by Davy Jones)

and there is the Axel Rose dance:


I think not!

Have a great weekend all!



Presbyfruit said...

I LOVE that Davy Jones video and song. Thanks!

Shazza said...

Hey Presbygirl,
You're very welcome!

The Village Carpenter said...

That IS a great song! Davy Jones looks just like Nancy's dad when he was that age. Same height, too.