Friday, April 03, 2009

Sugar and spice

...and everything nice.

We all know that isn't true. Especially these days.

Unemployment here in the US is the highest it's been since 1983!

I'm so glad I'm doing my part. Actually I think I was jobless in 1983 for a while.

I hate being left out.

Me and my unemployed self have been taking a lot of naps, doing odd jobs here and there and watching a lot of political shows for some silly reason. Mostly because I like the personalities, not really because I'm interested in politics.

Rachel Maddow - cute and smart and funny and willing to challenge the people who come on her show. What a gal!

Keith Olbermann - I like him - I don't always agree with him, but his long standing feud with Bill-O is very entertaining.

I tried to watch a sitcom last night: In the Motherhood thinking it would be just as funny as the MSN short episodes - but it wasn't. It was kind of stupid. Luckily my Dad called me in the middle of the show and saved me from myself!

This is why I don't watch regular TV. News maybe, History Channel, Discovery Channel and Tuesday night is The Biggest Loser night here, but that's about it. (Everyone cries on this show)

This is the life of an unemployed woman - she actually tried to watch a sitcom.


(heh, heh) Not really - I'm kind of enjoying the down time and I've had a few good leads on some jobs so I'm not in panic mode yet. It will happen.

Today I thought I would start a new musical Friday post and this was inspired by driving along on a beautiful spring day listening to one of those radio stations that play a variety of music and promises a "no repeat work day". I like it because they play a lot of "older" music - stuff I grew up with and they smather in some newer stuff and then mix it around.

So the song: Sugar, Sugar by the Archies came on and I was transported back to those wonderful Saturday mornings as a kid laying in my pajamas eating breakfast cereal downstairs (which we were not allowed to do but Mom worked early on Saturdays and Dad slept in so we got away with it) and watching Saturday morning cartoons. The Archies was one that I liked: Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty and Reggie.

I had a "thing" for Veronica! ;)

Such sweet innocent times. I often think that a lot of kids these days aren't as innocent as we were because they are exposed to so much more. Oh well, times change.

So for my new series I will select some "Sugar" songs: songs so sweet they will make your teeth hurt and I will select some "Spice" songs: maybe not so sweet, maybe a little anger in there! Just a little something to get you started off on your weekend!

TGIF everyone - here is "Sugar, Sugar" by The Archies!


Tom said...
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Tom said...

I never realized that Archie was a fake redhead, what with his black eyebrows and all. Great song though, pure pop genius and Veronica and her cohort sure can dance. What's the blonde's name again? Still, no comparison to Josie and the Pussy Cats - Long hair and shoe to match - or something.

Shazza said...

Maybe Archie was gay? What kind of guy would dye his hair red in high school?

Betty was the blonde.

Josie and the Pussycats - long tails and ears for hats!

Yes, it was pure pop genius.

Poetikat said...

I liked the Archie comic books. The character names were funny. I never knew a "Jughead" or a "Moose", did you?
Your description of eating cereal on Saturday mornings really takes me back. My sister and I weren't allowed to have sweet cereals except for once in a while. I loved Captain Crunch - when I could get it.

I used to like visiting other kids because then I could get to try things like Cocoa Puffs and Fruit Loops. I still love Fruit Loops with lots of milk (haven't had them in donkey's years though).

Looking forward to your Sugar and Spice posts, Shazz!

By the way, the sitcom "Big Bang Theory" is exceptional. You should check it out.


Poetikat said...
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Poetikat said...

Got the name wrong. Reggie Mantle. He was a nasty, stuck up, egomaniac. I knew a few of those!


the only daughter said...

I enjoy these trips down your memory lanes. Looking forward to the series.

neetzy said...

At least you're not watching the soaps yet.

Kat is right. Big Bang Theory rocks!

dive said...

Wow! I remember when that first came out, Shazza. We'd just got colour TV and this came on and almost blinded us.
Great nostalgic fun!

Auntie Mame said...

Oh NO!!! I am watching Soaps...they are cancelling my favorite, too.....Guiding Light has been on for 70 years...Mom went into labor with me while she was watching it...........