Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rain, rain go away

And don't come back until I get my rain barrels in place please!

Thinking about all that water I could have saved - darn.

I've had a couple of very productive days this week which has been very rewarding! I got all the extra wood from the ol' maple tree that was cut down in my backyard stacked and out of the way. The big chunks of wood I saved for my pal Kari over at Village Carpenter. Trying to get it to her may pose a problem, but I'll work it out some how! I also have some leftover pieces for firewood for my sister and bro in-law. I'll work out how to get that to them as well. Maybe I'll rent a truck and just dump it all in there.

Monday started off kind of lazy - but ended with me staying up until 2:00 AM on a mission to find a missing pool table that is down in my basement.

One would think it would be a bit difficult to lose an 8 Ft pool table, but I did! It became a repository for everything I didn't feel like putting away! The junk table! It was that one task I have had up on my white board that I've been putting off and putting off because it was just one of those things that seemed impossible to tackle. But it was there all along and now that it's cleared off I can finally post an ad and sell it. If anyone is interested in an 8 ft drop pocket pool table just send me an e-mail! I'll give you a good price but you have to figure out how to get it out of here!

This is what it looks like:

It looks a lot like a pool table doesn't it?

My next project was to clean off my desk here in my basement office. It's better, but I have a lot of shredding to do yet.

Yesterday I was on standby to help my daughter cook for her boyfriend! You know it's serious when they start offering to cook! She made some wonderful broccoli canneloni's, had a nice tossed salad and some home made garlic bread. All in all a wonderful meal. M and I both love the boyfriend - he's cute, he's sweet, he's talented and has a nice job as a carpenter working with his Dad.

Today was a little slow to start. For some reason my one dog Corky wanted to snuggle with me this morning. He crawled under the covers, snuggled in and we both fell asleep for another hour! Happiness is a warm puppy cuddled into you!

I had a few errands to run. There was a blog I found while roaming around the blogosphere called: i think i love you michigan who is looking for red yard so I sent her an ol' red sweater than I never wear anymore.

Stopped into the bank because I locked myself out of my ATM card yet again!

I FINALLY got to a framing store to get my giclee of my sisters painting "Chimbley's" done.

The nice guy behind the counter and I chatted for nearly an hour playing with different matting and frames with this very cool program that lets you see what the final product would look like. He was talking about his partner, I was talking about my partner and we just had a gay ol' time! Plus this framing store was offering 60% all custom framing!

It's going to be gorgeous!!!

On the way home from the framing place I got a call from one of the jobs that I applied to. Unfortunately I didn't get the job, but they think I'm a good fit for the company and the company is growing so they will keep me in mind if other positions open up that they feel I would be good for.


I really wanted that job too. Darn.

Oh well, I do have another interview today - we'll see how that goes. Time to dust of the suit and heels.

Wish me luck!

Oh and I'm waiting for my worms to arrive! I am going to start a worm composting bin! How cool is that? I'll take pictures when they arrive! M thinks I'm a little crazy - but that is what she loves about me! ;)

Off I go to get ready for the interview!

Ta ta!

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the only daughter said...

Whew, no work--but lot's of work goin' on!

Hope the interview went well.