Thursday, April 16, 2009

Photo of the week

Mother Nature has been having some wild mood swings this spring.

We'll have 2 nice warm sunny days followed by 3 wet, cold windy days and then back to some mild warm sunny days and then raw crappy wet days again.

Today is a bright sun shiny day! A little on the cool side at the moment but not a cloud in the sky!

So here is my dedication to Mr. Sun for his presence!

Thank you! I needed that!


Presbyfruit said...

Gorgeous photo and a beautiful day. For today, at least.

Shazza said...

Thanks Presby - I took that at one of my favorite parks down here. I'll have to get Poetikat to write a poem to go along with it!

dive said...

Gorgeous, Shazza!
Happy Springtime!