Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm pooped!

We're having a little heat wave here in the east, it's been in the high 80's for two days in a row and it's supposed to be in the 90's on Tuesday.

I hate the heat.

I sweat, I chafe, I get rashes, I get grumpy and I never feel clean. I always feel damp and just yucky.

Did I mention I hate the heat?

Does it stop me from working out in the yard? Helllllll NO!

If I'm going to sweat and chafe I may as well get dirty and have some fun with it. I slathered myself up with SPF 50 and a baseball cap and out I went!

I asked my kids to get me this for Mother's Day for my gardening days:

I think it's cool, but I promised that I would not wear it in their presence!

Yesterday I ran around all day picking up "things". First I had to pick up some manure for my compost which is not heating up enough. I found a woman on Craig's list who is giving manure away for free so I filled up a few bins and brought them home!

Free shit!

Next I found a guy - again on Craig's List (I guess I'm lucky I'm still alive)- who sells 55 gallon plastic drums so that I can make rain barrels out of them. I've been chasing these suckers all over the place. Everyone has been selling out of them before I can obtain one. Finally I got someone who still had a few. I bought 2. Now I have to adapt them to collect the rain and put a little spigot on the bottom so I can fill up my watering can. I've been looking at different plans to convert plastic drums into rain barrels and every one I look at is so completely different it's crazy!

::::sigh::: I'll figure it out - I hope!

Today my daughter's boyfriend came over to do some electrical work for me. I love this guy! He's cute, he's sweet, he treats my daughter well and he's handy. What more could you ask for?

He put up a ceiling fan for me and replaced two outside lights. He is also going to replace the vent fan in our bathroom.

Do you just love this guy or what?

I can do some handy work around the house but when it comes to electrical and/or plumbing I'm a complete idiot. They always turn into disasters. I usually call in the pros for this kind of thing but the boyfriend noticed "call electrician" on my list of things to do that is posted on my white board and asked what I needed done. Then he said: "I can do that!" and he was hired!

Love, love, LOVE this guy!

Also today I turned my compost over and added the manure that I obtained yesterday. I am hoping that this will heat it up and start my compost cooking a bit more.

I spent the rest of the day futzing around the yard, doing a little of this and a little of that. Taking lots of breaks and drinking lots of water.

Now I'm just wiped.

So M and I sit here, on the couch - she has her laptop and I have mine. The dogs are passed out. We have our glasses of wine and we're just chillin'

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - life is good!

Hope all is well where ever you are!



Lulubelle B said...

First - I like the blog redesign. quite sophisticated.

Second - It was 90 in Maryland on Saturday and 93, NINETY-FRAKIN'-THREE, on Sunday!!! I was all hot and sticky, and not in a good Def Leopard kinda way.

Third - I need that hat. Seriously. I've been recruited for some outdoor melanoma awareness events next month and sunblock only goes so far.


Shazza said...

Hi Lulu - Thank you! I agree with you on the heat thing.

You can get that hat from LL Bean, but I've seen less expensive ones around as well. Just do a search on hats with back flaps.

Scout said...

We've got the same weather, and I haven't mind it too much. The breeze has kept it from being too hot—and I hate the heat, too. Add ankle and finger swelling to your list of unpleasant side effects of heat.

I have an artist friend who painted a beautiful portrait on the side of her rain barrel. Very cool.

Shazza said...

Oh yes - cankles and sausage fingers. Fun times ahead.

the only daughter said...

Oh, bring on the heat... puhleeeze. Sorry for you, but would be a boon for me. :-)

The D's boyfriend sounds like a dream. My daughter wanted me to ask...does he have a brother, cousin, whatev..?

The hat, toooo cool.

Shazza said...

Tell your daughter that unfortunately I think he's an only child - but I'll check on the cousin thing. I did find out from my daughter that he has two little flaws - a potty mouth and he's chronically late. I guess nobody's perfect!

Poetikat said...

When your daughter's boyfriend is done with doing your chores, send him up here, cuz I've got a few things I could use doing here and Kev and I are NOT d.i.y.ers. Can he point a chimney? Build a front porch? Clean out eavestroughs? Insulate a basement? (I know I'm dreaming!) He definitely sounds like a Keeper.

Good to see you're wearing your sunscreen and hat (great hat).

The blog is lookin' good too.


Shazza said...

Hey Kat - he could probably build the front porch, but I'm not sure about the rest of the stuff. He works with his Dad as a cabinet maker and then he plays drums in a band on the side.

I got to wear sun screen and a hat - I'm so fair I burn under a 60 watt lightbulb!

Vic Hubbard said...

Wow! Cabinet maker AND a drummer?!?

Love the new layout!!! Very nice!
I finally got thru the Expo. I gonna take a week or two and just read. After that time to catch up w/ everyone and start really doin' something in the shop.
BTW, if you check the shop build pics, you'll see that I have one of those fabulous hats! Two actually. :)

neetzy said...

Hey Shaz,

I'm playing blog reading "catch-up". I managed to post something one day, I had to email photos of paintings for a show. I did my entire garden over. I'm looking into reservations for our trip out West. I've been too exhausted to go blog visiting.