Sunday, March 01, 2009

Whatever gets you through the night,,,'s alright. It's alright.

So, what is it that gets YOU through the night?

Winning the lottery?

Fantasizing of another life? another lover? Your kids? Your spouse? A fresh clean spring day when it's snowing outside? A favorite song?

There are so many things that transport us into a place and time away from where we are now aren't there?

This is what transports me right now, the thought of owning this:

Here is the front of this ol' 1872 farmhouse:

It's a duplex, there are two dwelling as you may notice from the two doorways. The left side of the house is completely inhabitable, but the right side has been meticulously maintained.

This is an addition that was made later, but it's very quaint and cozy.

Another view from the back of the house.

Here is a view of the spring house from inside.

The spring house - needs some work but the foundation is intact.

The back of the barn - will need a LOT of work.
Front of the barn - it's huge and it does need work but for the most part is in pretty good shape.

19+ acres - 2 ponds and a small steam connecting them.

6 + acres of pasture and the rest wetlands that cannot be built on - which is fine by me.

A nice view too, but I can't seem to past them all together so here are just a few shots:

This is my dream and I hold it close.
It gets me through the night.
So - what is it that gets YOU through the night?


the only daughter said...

My dreams have been somewhat short-sighted these days. Right now my focus is on getting a new refrigerator. Then a stove. Followed by a dishwasher.

Oh, I need a new kitchen floor too.

Farms are not my thing, but this place looks cool (to visit). ;)

Shazza said...

Hey Deb - I had those dreams and they all came true just this past year so hang in there!

You are welcome for a visit any time my friend...any time!