Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blog worthy

I am not one of those bloggers who can write about their daily lives and make it sound intriguing. All in all I'm a pretty boring person - once in a while I have something interesting to say. Interesting to me anyway.

Today - I did yard work.

How interesting is that?

Not very I suppose, but it's something I enjoy. One thing about being unemployed is that you get to do things that you want to do. Monday I volunteered at the Alpaca farm, Tuesday I stayed in my PJ's until I needed to get ready to meet an ol' friend for dinner and today I did yard work.

It was a nice day - I wanted to be outside!

The neighbor on the right side - we'll call her "D" keeps an immaculate home, but could care less about her yard. Today I cleaned up some dead leaves and unburdened her from a large trash can filled with dirt left by her ex-husband several years ago. That dirt helped me fill some holes I have in my backyard. Thank you "D"!

The neighbor on my left side - we'll call him "J" is an extra special guy. He's 62 and worked 32 years for GM and got laid off recently. Single guy all his life he helped his Mom through sickness until her death. He met a gal during a grief counseling session and turned into a 16 year old boy. He was so excited and wine and dined her all over the place. He even had a stretch limo come and take them to NYC to see a show a few years ago. It was so wonderful to see him that way. Unfortunately his new GF - we'll call her "M" got sick. She had a kidney transplant many years ago and that transplanted kidney is failing too.

He has been amazing for her. By her side through all of this. So many opportunities she has had to get a new kidney and each one has failed. Just lately they've had two matches for her and each time the kidney went to someone else.

J is a Great guy

J was home for a while today - most of the time he's with "B" at her home but he comes home once in a while when she is in dialysis. He stopped for a bit to chat with me. Told me what was going on with his life, asked me about my life. He didn't mind I was "playing in his yard" and gave me about 5 hugs.

He smells like Old Spice.

He is one of the most gentle men I've ever met.

I could have hugged him 5 more times.

I wish there was something I could do for him, for her...for them. My little contribution is to clean up his yard when he's not around. Mow his lawn...part of it anyway. He has a BIG property. Leave him tomatoes when I have extra.

I could have hugged him 5 more times. Breathed in his Old Spice scent and smiled for the rest of the day.

Great guy!

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the only daughter said...

Old Spice. My dad wore Old Spice and that's about the best memory I have of him... But, onward to yard work, great guys and companionable neighbors, cheers to the goodness they bring.