Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She's super freaky...


Have you ever seen this woman?

Her name is Suze Orman and she totally freaks me out.

Her face is on billboards and books and signs all over the freakin' USA.

She is a "financial advisor" and "motivational speaker" and has written a few best sellers like: "The Courage to be Rich" and "The Money Book for the Young Fabulous and Broke".

I just can't trust that perfect smile. It really scares me.

There was an article on MSN today labeled: "Stop Listening to Suse Orman". So like a spectator at a train wreck I had to read it.

Here is a quote: "People who grew up without much money and later earn a comfortable living sometimes spend too much to make up for what they didn't get as children. . . . People who feel entitled to the good life, or are unconsciously copying a mother or father who lived beyond her or his means. . . . If you feel the need to impress people with what you have rather than with who you are, you are at high risk for credit card abuse."

Guess what...she grew up just that way, so what the hell is she trying to say?

She also said: "I have a million dollars in the stock market, because if I lose a million dollars, I don't personally care."

Hmmmmmm...uh yeah Suze...we all got a million dollars of exposable income, I'm right there with you sister.

I also have this bridge I wanna sell...any buyers?

As my main man Bugs Bunny always says: "What a maroon, what an ignoranimus!"


Lulubelle B said...

I saw the same article on Slate. Her comment about losing a million dollars is ridiculous. I'm also not one for the visualization thing or dreaming your way into what you want. Suze is great at self-promotion, but her financial advice is suspect.

dive said...

She looks and sounds truly awful, Shazza.
Thanks for making up for posting the scary photo with some great vintage bunny action.

Brenda said...

I forget how I landed on your blog, I think it was from Kat's place, anyway...I agree with ya. I bought this lady's book, probably her first one, and I think it is still in the basement somewhere, unread. I had seen her on TV and thought she sounded good. But I have seen her several times the past few years, and there is just something very strange about her!!! The smile, as you say, and she has a bossy aggressive nature.

neetzy said...

And...she's a natural blonde to boot!

neetzy said...
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Vic Hubbard said...

Actually, some of her earlier stuff on PBS was spot on. I really like Clark Howard for financial advice.

Shazza said...

Lulu- No doubt she's done well for herself, but she still just freaks me out! Espcially when you see that face on a billboard!

Dive - Bug is MY man! No one can come close.

Brenda - Welcome! My best friend growing up was named Brenda so I like you already! Agressive? Oh....just a lil' bit! :)

Neetz - oh for sher!

Vic - I don't know who Clark Howarwd is, my financial consultant is miss "M" CPA!

Presbyfruit said...

I like her! she's family if you know what I mean. But, I would trust M over Suze any day.