Saturday, January 17, 2009

More Philly

Here are a few more shots:

This is the First Bank of the United States and was chartered by the US Congress in 1791. It's a very cool old building with wonderful marble columns.

One of the lamps in the front of the building

Here are some "cobble stones" in front of the Merchants Exchange Building which was built around 1834.

Here is the Exchange building through some trees.

This is a little alley way I used to walk through every morning on my way to work. It has a nice little colonial charm to it and was much quieter than Chestnut St.

This is the City Tavern. It was the unofficial site of the First Continental Congress. Built in 1733, part of it was destroyed later in a fire, but they have restored it. It's a very nice restaurant that books up quickly in the warm months. I lot of "stick to your ribs" kind of food and a lot of Pennsylvania dutch cooking as well.
This here is "little" Willy. William Penn. The founder of Pennsylvania. There is a bigger statue of him on top of City Hall in Philadelphia and at one time you were not allowed to build anything taller that that building.

According to Wikipedia:At one time, there was a gentlemen's agreement that no building should be higher than Penn's statue (i.e., “Penn’s Hat”). One Liberty Place was the first of several buildings in the late 1980s to be built higher than the statue. The statue is referenced by the so-called Curse of Billy Penn.
However, during the "Topping off" ceremony of The Comcast Center Building on June 18th, 2007 Bill Hankowsky, of Liberty Property Trust, placed a small statue of William Penn on the topping beam. "We don't believe in the myth, but to be safe we've added the statue of Billy Penn," said Mr. Hankowsky. The following year the Philadelphia Phillies won the 2008 World Series, the first major championship for the city since the breaking of the "gentlemen's agreement."
And here is a picture of the building I used to work in.

All this historic beauty around me and I was working in THE UGLIEST building in Olde City!


The Village Carpenter said...

I love Philly! We really should go more often.

Tammy said...

Awesome pictures. I was only in Philly once and I loved it and I loved the penn dutch cooking and the history too. After seeing your pictures I'd really like to go back and see even more of it. Thanks for sharing great pic's and history!!

Shazza said...

VC- I actually have to say that I miss going there every week. I know I didn't particularly like the commute, but I fell in love with the city. Any time you ladies want to meet up there, let us know!

Tammy - Thank you. It's an easy city to walk around because it's small and there are just so many things that can catch your eye!