Saturday, January 10, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Especially in this economy!

From the "what the hell was thinking" category of life I hope this weeks musical torture leaves you all with the same ear bleeding, headache inducing, brain hemorrhage pain that I've had to endure this week.

It's been an interesting time I gotta tell ya!

The first two "weeks" of my job weren't really too exciting. I started on Dec. 22nd. Right before Christmas. Everyone was in holiday mode, many people were out of the office. I kind of cruised along and just sat around observing.

This week has been a bit more intense. I've been trying to get the feel of the "flow" of the office. Getting to know the personalities a bit more and WHOA BABY are there some personalities here!

There is the scary blond, childlike yet grown up version of the Children of the Damned woman who sits with her head set on and swivels back and forth in her chair while her eyes dash wildly from side to side. She totally freaks me out. Don't let her sweet outside appearance fool you, she's a total looney tune.

Next up is the conservative looking, talks way too much woman with multiple animal pictures all over her cubicle (none of them hers) constantly wiping her mouse with a Clorox Wipe up and wringing her hands. I wanted to just sneeze in her general direction to see what she would do.

My "office mates" are like Yin and Yang. One is as quiet as a mouse and doesn't speak a word and the other is an American Flag waving, country music playin', John McCain worshipping, sailor mouthed gal who has the biggest freakin' chip on her shoulder and couldn't find happiness if it came in a processed frozen food container.

I've had a headache all week and I think it's because of the country music. I am surrounded by country music lovers.

They ain't kidding when they call Pennsylvania - Pennsyltucky.

I feel like I'm in a totally different world.

I keep telling myself that it's only temporary and once this training is over you can work from home and not have to bother with this anymore.

It's only temporary.

Just a temporary thing.

You can DO this!

Oh...and the drama going on in the office. Holy Crap!

I hate office drama. It drives me insane.

It is very hard not to get sucked up into it though, but I am trying.

Then I got a freakin' cold on top of it all. Nothing like feeling like crap, listening to crap and watching crap going on all around you.

It's a fucking crap fest over there.

:::breathe Shazza...just breathe::::



Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...much better.

Oh...did I mention that I'm staying in a little apartment during the week that has no Internet and no TV?

Ok, well the TV I can live without, but no Internet? Oy vey!

This past week I've had enough to do after work that it didn't really bother me too much. I spent Monday night at Target to buy a few things for my little home away from home. I came down with a nasty cold Tuesday night. I had dinner with my ex-roommate that never was on Wednesday , and I watched Hellboy on DVD on Thursday..

I kept myself busy.

Next week we have a "sales meeting" from Monday through Wednesday so hopefully that will keep me entertained most of the time.

After that though...I'll probably read a lot, maybe watch a few DVD's (feel free to recommend anything) and sleep when I can.

And I can get NPR on the radio which is mildy soothing for some reason.

For now I'm back home with M and the boys!

Life is good!

The cold has pretty much left the body except for an annoying and occasional cough and an unfortunate snore that M has to deal with, but she's coping!

This week I thought I would treat you to another reason why some actors should never try to sing.

Mr. David Soul

Some folks remember him as "Hutch" from the fairly popular 70's TV show: Starsky and Hutch.

There is a part in this song that his voice just reaches a "shrill" quality to it that I think is kind of unnaturally for a man, unless you are one of the Bee Gees. It's kind of like nails on a chalk board.

Now I know there are some actors who are true entertainers who can sing, act and dance, but I don't think David Soul is one of them.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend all. I'll be back next week!



the only daughter said...

Ouch, but at least it wasn't Eddie Murphy.

Glad you're surviving the no Internet zone, the cold and Pennsylvania.

Office drama, ouch.

Auntie Mame said...

You should see the drama in my office.....omg there is this one girl there she must be totally insane...I hear her laughing a lot........

Shazza said...

OD - don't worry, Eddie is on this list! Just wait for it!

Auntie - um, you work by HOME right? ;)

Presbyfruit said...

Sorry about your multiple shit sandwiches, including the dreaded office drama, but at least it WILL be over soon.

And you can call me a cheesy jackass, but I LOVE that David Soul song; it soooo romantic.

I'm serious.

Shazza said...

Oh Presby - I'm so dissapointed.

Poetikat said...

I could do no internet (no. really, I could), but NO TV!!!! Never in a million years.


You can do this. You can do this. You can do this. I couldn't do this, BUT You can!

Oh, and David Soul! Ye Gods! Remember him in Salem's Lot? That was great!