Friday, January 30, 2009

Are you calling me a liar?

True story:

BL (Boss lady) called me into her office the other day to go over a few things. She asked me if I had the XYZ folder. I told her no, that she gave me the file number, but never gave me the actual folder.

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Almost positive, but to be honest I left my briefcase at home so I can't check it at the moment."

"You left your briefcase at home? With all of your "work files in there? That's not good."

Me thinking to myself: "Oh she thinks I'm an absent minded and irresponsible twit."

Ok...she's not too far off, but it was really just an honest - "shit I'm late" kind of mistake.

"I could have sworn I gave it to you." She proceeded to look around her desk which is covered in misc. piles of "stuff." "Hmmmmm, it's not here. I know it was and I thought I had brought it into the meeting last week."

"Well, I will check my paperwork when I get home, but I am fairly certain I do not have it."

The next day BL comes towards me with a file in her hand: "Look what I found!" she exclaimed.

Me, being the sarcastic smart ass that I am responded: "See, I told you I didn't have it."

"Are you calling me a liar?" She asked me point blank.

"No, I am not." I replied thinking to myself - "ok...where the fuck did that come from?"

Then she looked me square in the eyes and said: "I do NOT lie."

"Hey, I was just joking with you." I walked away swiftly with the file in my hand thinking: "what the hell just happened?"

This is not a good start to this working relationship.

1. I have never been accused of calling someone a liar before...especially from a boss.

2. It has been my experience that if someone has to proclaim that they "aren't" something it is because they are. Like the shop keeper M and I met in Stroudsburg last weekend who warned us of the "Blacks and Latin Americans" in town and to watch out for our dangling earrings because they'll steal them from you. But he's not a racist.

Sure, buddy...whatever you say.

3. I think "BL" has some hormonal issues or some personality fluctuations that cause her rapid changes from "really nice happy go-lucky "BL" to "ranting, raving freakin' lunatic "BL".


AND she's a lawyer so I better watch myself.

It has been an interesting month to say the very least.

My "training" is done and I have to admit that this is probably the most I've had at any job.

They really want me to be successful and I appreciate that. Especially in this economy, it will not be an easy task.

For the most part I have to say that everyone in the office was willing to help me out. There are always personality quirks that one has to get used to. Just remembering that I've crossed the river from "majority liberal New Jersey" to "majority conservative Pennsylvania" is very hard at times since the office is literally just across the bridge - but it is truley a different world entirely.

Time will tell how this works out for me. I am not quite used to this market, it is much more aggressive and "hard selling" than I like. Actually I don't like sales at all to be completely honest. I just kind of evolved into this position. Truth of the matter - I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

If I ever grow up.

Raising alpacas has peaked my interest.

But I'll save that for another post.

Have a good weekend all - I hope to get back into the grove of things once I've unpacked and settled down a bit.

Be well!


Vic Hubbard said...

Wow Shazza, I hope you're able to turn you relationship with your boss around. Stress is no good.

Shazza said...

I hope so too Vic. She's an odd one. I've witnessed temper tantrum type antics from her already. I know it's her business and she's worried about the economy, we all are - but get a grip.

the only daughter said...

Surreal. I hope things settle down and a reasonable working relationship can be forged.

Tammy said...

Okay if she's a lawyer, given all we've heard about lawyers - watch your back and don't say anything she can hold against you. Hopefully working from home will make the boss/worker relationship better. And you won't have to deal with her "personality quirks" every day so that should be good too. I sure hope it goes well and you are successful - when it gets tough day dream about the alpaca's and tell us more about them too - very interesting!! Take care - glad you're back.

Presbyfruit said...

I totally agree with you about #2. And yeah, she sounds like a looney tune.

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