Friday, December 05, 2008

Musical Musings

I have seen some really horrible videos while I've been in bloggerland.

There was the Fabio and Sandra Dee video backed up by the dancers of satan. Thanks to Kat for that one!

Then we had Jesus is My Friend. A Christian Polka. ZAP! Thank you Kari! :)

Neil Sedaka and his "tight" jeans, glitter shirt and long chains. He's SO BAAAAD! Oh...make a woman swoon Neil.

You never think things could get worse, but oh...yes, they can!

I found this next gem on BitchPhD.

I wasn't really sure what I was watching at first. Was it a movie clip? Or a video? Maybe a porn musical?


I couldn't really put it into any category.

The singer looks like the anorexic younger brother of the Nelson twins:

He's definitely living out some kind of fantasy.

Maybe he was a big fan of Excalibur or something, but he's got that whole medieval thing going on here.

The cheesy mustache was taken straight from the props of the Pink Panther with Steve Martin.
Then there's the green guitar. Something kind of phallic going on there I think.

I guarantee your jaw will just drop and you won't be sure what it is exactly that you are watching. It's just beyond words!

If you want to see the BIG screen version click here:


Poetikat said...
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Poetikat said...

Was that Eva Longoria with a red with (correction: WIG!!!)?

Oh My God, Shaz - that "Jesus is my Friend" was just hysterical! Kind of a Lawrence Welk meets Devo with a Christian twist. Unbelievable!

And you know, I just had to go and watch Armi and Danny again..."I love you..."

Great stuff! I've missed these types of posts from you.


Shazza said...

Kat - HA! You're right that Jesus thing is like Lawrence Welk meets Devo! All they need now is bubbles and flower pot hats!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I may be in the minority, but I kind of like the Shine on Me video. It was different and exciting! Of course, anything remotely having to do with knights and King Arthur and chivalry is a "win" for me. I think I've seen the movie Excalibur 12 times or something!


Shazza said...

Sheryl - Welcome! Excalibur is one thing, this is just a bit too cheezy and over the edge for me.

It may have been better if there was a decent cod piece shot or something. ;)

Maria said...

God...THANK YOU. I sat there laughing my ass off until Bing came in and wondered what the hell I was watching.

It was JESUS IS MY FRIEND, of course. I would send it on to my sisters, but I really, really am worried that they would take it seriously and like it.

And that last one. Good grief. All that windblown hair and the attempt to make those eyes burn hot fire.


Shazza said...

Maria - You're quite welcome! The Jesus video is a classic. I find myself singing it at the most inappropriate times.

Tammy said...

Shazza, that guy was just scarey looking in a "I want to be Fabio" sort of way. Guess you don't have to have a lot of talent to get a music video made - I would try myself, but dogs would howl and paw at their ears and I am not into animal abuse, haha. I finally updated my blog - are you proud of me. lots of new pictures of the beach over thanksgiving and maddie of course.

neetzy said...

Hilarious. Do check out Marilyn Manson's version of "Jesus is my friend" eetz funny. I could not leenk without disconnect.

Presbyfruit said...

I never get tired of "Jesus is my friend," but the "Shine on Me"---jeesh, that sucked the biggest suck. And I love "Excalibur."

Vic Hubbard said...


I'm with PBFruit. That dude sucked major wind. I'm guessing he's "big" in Europe. No offense Dive:D Yikes.
Neetzy, Thanks for the heads up on Manson's version on Jesus is My Friend. That has got to be hilarious!

dive said...

Vic: you are right. I simply MUST get this on CD.
Hee hee hee.
Boy howdy, what on earth were they thinking?

Lulubelle B said...

I think the last one is a Harlequin Romance/Goth-Lite disaster. The guy looks kinda elfin, maybe too much LOTR or D&D?

While we're in WTF territory, check this out:

Shazza said...

Presby - it was pretty bad. I agree.

Vic - I don't think he's big anywhere except his own mind.

Dive - This would be a good way to get rid of dinner guests who over stay their welcome that is for sure!

LuLu - MY EARS! Oh my GOD! That was absolutely HORRIBLE.

I need a glass of wine to steady my nerves now.

Vic Hubbard said...

Seriously Dive, I've never understood why someone like David Hasslehoff (sic) can be a huge success in Europe and we all just think he's a wanker. I have good friends in Germany, so I at least know it's not all Europeans...but, what is up with that? Of course, I don't really care as long as I know...."Jesus is my Friend":D LOL!

Scout said...

Hmm. It's like a combination of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Princess Bride with some Witches of Eastwick thrown in. What a mess.