Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Miss me?

Nah...didn't think so. But I missed you!

I thought I would not have any blogging withdrawals but I did.

I think I need a 12 step program.

Ok...here's the scoop. Not that you asked, but what the fa...I'm gonna tell you anyways.

New Job - So far so good. I will be "on location" training for a month and then I'll get to work from home. Starting a new job around the holidays is not a good idea though. No one wants to work. I mean seriously!? Everyone else is on vacation or winter break or skiing or whatever.

Co-workers - um...well - since I am so afraid of being sued, I am going to "plead the 5th" on that subject. I will just quote the wonderful James Carville and say that Pennsylvania is : "Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, with Alabama in between."

Nuff said!

Living arrangements - Oh, this kind of makes me sad. Well...not kind of, but really. I had set up an arrangement to share a house with a woman in Limeport, PA. M and I went up a few weekends ago and scouted out a few places and as soon as I walked into this house I felt at home.

300 year old farm house in the middle of freakin' no where. The home owner is an artist/writer very sweet, very cool. Has 2 dogs and a cat. Beautiful stone fireplace, exposed beam ceilings, original hard wood floors. Just freakin' gorgeous!

Three little problems:

No internet access - I mean NONE! Total dead zone. Not even a stray unprotected wireless connection I could connect with.

No microwave - how does one live without a microwave? Apparently she does! This is a "salt of the earth" woman. Recycles, composts, live very frugally. No TV (that's fine). Only has a little transistor radio to listen to NPR on and no microwave.

Last but the biggest issue really - she has a cat. I Love cats. I love all animals really. Just ask M. If it is cute and fuzzy/furry/living/ has a pulse I love it. But unfortunately I am allergic to cats. I took some allergy medicine a few days ahead of time to fight off the sniffles and scratchy throat, but literally 30 minutes after my arrival I felt my sinuses beginning to build up pressure and my ears and throat were feeling scratchy.

If I were only to stay there one night, I could live with the symptoms but a whole month?


I apologized profusely to this woman. I felt horrible. I envisioned nights with a book in front of the fireplace and a cup of tea.


Instead I am sitting here at the Best Western in Bethlehem, PA.

Not that there is anything wrong with that mind you...but my little vision is crushed.

Smashed on the rocks of little allergens working their way into my mucus membranes.

But...all is not lost. I think I've made a new friend in her and I hope we can grow that friendship in the future.

We were chatting a bit and she was telling me a bit about herself. She is an artist. She used to teach in NYC. By some kind of odd coincidence she met with Louise Bourgeois who is an artist world renowned.

I have to admit here...I didn't know who she was, but my new friend...we'll call her "P" showed me this book called: Destruction of the Father/Reconstructions of the Father and gave me a little briefing about her friendship and collaboration with this wonderful artist.

Now I am intrigued. Most definitely.

Even though the homesharing thing did not work out I think...I KNOW I have a new friend in "P". I hope to keep in touch with her and learn a bit more about her life. This is good. Definitely good.

In the meantime, I have found a new place to dwell. Still no internet access but I'll see if I can "finagle" something with my new employer.

I'm in sales...heck...that's what I do...finagle!

OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...and I've thought of a new musical torture for the New Year! You'll LOVE it...and hate it at the same time!

So stay tuned because Friday January 2nd is the first installment and I've got a special treat planned for you all!

heh, heh, heh!

Be well, stay save and Peace to all!

Happy New Year!


Poetikat said...

Waiting with bated breath, Shaz.

My girlfriend is allergic to cats and we have to vacuum the house within an inch of its life if she visits. We keep the windows open and lock up the cats - even though she love them just like you.

Too bad it didn't work out, but it's nice to you've met a new friend.


Tammy said...

Wow, you were missed, missed a lot, i'd check your blog for something interesting to read or make me laugh, and nothin!! Glad you're back, so sorry the farmhouse didn't work out and seriously, how do you live without a microwave - hell how do you cook without one?

Shazza said...

Kat - it depends on the house that I am in and the cat I suppose. My Dad has a cat and I don't have any problems whatsoever!

Tammy - Hey...thank you so much for your response. I appreciate that. I don't know how you live without a microwave. Maybe you use a stove or something? :::shrug:::

the only daughter said...

No microwave - how does one live without a microwave? Apparently she does! As do I (now) and so does (much to her disappointment) my daughter.

I will eventually cave to her pressure and desrie for microwaved popcorn and bacon. ;)

So sorry the house didn't work out but so cool about the prospects of a new friend.


Vic Hubbard said...

The house sounds pretty cool, as does the lady artist. I can only imagine what I might actually accomplish if I didn't have a TV and computer, but I get the shakes just thinking about it;)
Sylvia's allergies are so bad that she gets a shot every week and during the spring thru the fall also takes allergy pills.
Btw, we have 3 dogs and a long hair cat. I mostly love on the cat because the dander really kills her.

mccutcheon said...

Hey Shazza, new work sounds good. But do you have to stay there all the time or do you get to go home for the weekends and holidays? because if not, that sounds like major suckage - sorry for the Whedon-slang ;) Don't you miss M and the dogs and being home terribly?

Happy New Year!

dive said...

Of course we missed you!

The job sounds fine; no job is complete without a bunch of co-workers to bitch and moan about.

The farmhouse sounded ldyllic. The internet dead zone is a bummer though (I'm lucky in that I can get internet but I am in a mobile phone dead spot which makes me happier than you can imagine … I LOVE it when guests can't get a signal and have to talk to me instead of yapping into their stupid phone).

I quite happily live without a microwave. I've never understood the need for one.

What a double bummer a cat allergy must be for a cat lover. So sorry to hear about that one, Shazza.

I'm so glad a new friendship is growing out of the wreckage. P sounds great!

Have a happy, prosperous, allergy-free, healthy and wonderful New Year Shazza (and of course M). I can't wait for your musical treat! Yay!

neetzy said...

I did miss you. While I do not post every day, I do try to read up on everyone's blogs!

So sorry about the farmhouse and welcome to my world! I've lived in the Alabama part of Pennsylvania for about 25 years. I do have high speed internet, however! At least we get the first day of buck hunting as a holiday!
I cannot wait to see your new music theme.

Shazza said...

Deb - the only problem was that I brought a bunch of pre-made food that I could just heat up in the microwave.
You never know how much you need a micro until you don't have one. HNY 2 U 2!

Vic - The house was very cool. Hopefully I can get back there and take some pictures.

McC - I will miss M and "the boys" but it's only temporary. Happy New Year to you and Finn!

Dive - it was a bummer about the house. I really was a cool place. (see above)

Happy and Healthy and we can all use a prosperous New Year too you too!

Neetzy - the peace and quiet would be wonderful I think. maybe