Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Chanukah

M and I drove all around North Eastern Pennsylvania today looking at sublets for me for the month of January while I train at the new job. I could commute, but I really don't want to and when you way out the gas, tolls and wear and tear on my car it almost comes out to be the same amount of money.

The first place we visited was a house that was about 300 years old. Beautiful stone on the outside, gorgeous exposed beams on the inside and a fireplace that just invites you to site by with a good book. I would be renting the whole 3rd floor. Have my own bathroom and just share the common areas: living room, kitchen. The woman that lives there is an artist/writer just a few years older than I am and has two border collie mixed dogs and a cat.

Loved it!

The second place is a converted garage made into a small apartment. Very cozy, all the modern accouterments. Nice.

It was very nice. Really.

But I think I was sold on the old house from the minute I walked in. It was just gorgeous.

There was a third one we had scheduled to see as well but it was $400 more and further away. So I called them and told them we weren't interested.

M sold me on the idea of commuting this week or at least tomorrow and see how it goes. It would be about a 2 hour drive one way, but only for 3 days and then I can stay over for the following week. This gives me some time to pack, kind of get settled into the job first and then work my way into sharing a residence with a complete stranger. (she gave off a friendly vibe though)

It will be very weird to be with out M for 4 days a week. (I'll come home for "conjugal" visits!) We've spent time apart when I've traveled before, but this is for such a long period of time. I'll miss her but she's already decided that while I'm away she'll get caught up on the horror movies she wants to see that I won't watch!

ugh...I just had a moment of complete exhaustion come over me so I am going to end this post.

Not without wishing a very Happy Hanukkah to all of those of the Jewish faith.



the only daughter said...

That old stone house sounds amazing.

The thought of that commute does me in. Cheers to all working out in the way that is best for you guys.


dive said...

Yup, the old house sounds lovely, Shazza.
But if I can commute seven hours a day at fifty, then you can certainly manage two hours!
Don't worry; I'm only jealous.

Scout said...

Beautiful video.

I would go for the old house, too. It sounds absolutely perfect.

neetzy said...

Go for the old stone, fireplace, artist and border collies. I feel I could relate!

Presbyfruit said...

ditto on the old stone house; sounds perfect.