Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wait what?

We all get spam e-mails and junk e-mails and e-mails that just don't make sense. My work e-mail gets more crap than my home computer simply because I'm signed up for so many newsletters and list servs that robots go around stealing e-mail addresses.

Now I get a daily Quarantine Summary of what our filters picked out as junk. Most of the time it is, but occasionally a customer who uses AOL or Gmail will fall into the void.

Today I got an e-mail for an RFP response from a major pharmaceutical company. This isn't really unusual, but the topic of the RFP was:

"Development Partners for Nasal Formulations and Delivery Devices."
has identified you as a party with a potential to respond to, or as a contact who might know of someone with expertise in, novel nasal health technologies.

I'm thinking they know of my neti-pot use and want me to submit a paper about it.

This could be fun!


Vic Hubbard said...

LOL! In one nostril, out the other!
I've got one. I only use it when I'm having allergies. I should use it all the time. I'd breath better.
I also do the candling periodically.
That a trip!

Shazza said...

Vic - candling? Does that involve HOT wax in your nose?

I hope there isn't a YouTube video for that.

Maria said...

Big brother always surprises me. Once I mentioned that I buy La Mer on my blog and I was inundated with spam about La Mer shortly after....

dive said...

I've got to get me a neti pot.
I'll put it on the table at dinner parties to serve sauce and see if anyone actually knows what it is and freaks.

Shazza said...

Maria - well I wonder why I get all those e-mails about "enhancing my member"? What ARE they talking about?

Dive - that is BRILLIANT! I think I'll try that on Thanksgiving!

Vic Hubbard said...

Sorry, I'm way behind on my visiting.
Dive...that is HILARIOUS!! There's no way Sylvia would let me, but it'd be a scream!!!

Vic Hubbard said...

OH...Shazza the candling is to remove excess ear wax :D...lovely, huh?!