Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It's interesting to be in a red state when the news of Obama has been elected President comes over the TV at the bar.

A woman sitting there was obviously angry and disgusted. Her boyfriend/spouse was trying to keep her calm.

A few scattering of patrons were hanging around to watch Obama's speech and as I sat with 3 of my colleagues we were a bit reluctant to show our happiness because we weren't quite sure who we were sharing the bar with.

The speech ended and we started clapping and everyone else started clapping except for that one woman.

Congratulations Mr. President-Elect Barack Obama. I wish you the very best during your Presidency.

There is a change in the air for certain.

Peace all.


dive said...

I had been wondering how things were going on the ground there, Shazza. We get all the big news over here but not the little every day stories of how people are dealing with the result.

All I'll say (other than Woohoo and Yay for Obama) is that Senator McCain was gracious in defeat so let's hope the victors will be magnanimous.

M said...

So I am listening to NPR on my way home from work. They played 4 different samples from the talking heads of commercial talk radio. One of them was Rush. He was babbling about how 56 million Americans did not vote for this change and want no part of it. (of course I am paraphrasing). I thought back to the 2004 elections. When Bush got 50.73%, 286 electoral votes, and about 62 million votes that’s 3 more million votes than Kerry on the popular vote . From Dick Cheney to all conservatives talking clowns in radio (that includes you Rush) were touting how Bush had a real mandate….political capital! I don’t remember you mentioning the 59 million of us of did not sign up for another 4 years of Bush. If you did talk about us was probably to berate us and let us know how clueless we must not to be in line with the conservative agenda. Yesterday Obama got so far 63 million (waiting for NC and MO numbers) to McCain’s 56 million (to be fair to you something you don’t know anything about his total will go up too when those two states are in and your number will be higher too), Obama got 349 electoral votes and 53% of total popular or about 7 million more than McCain. So if Bush had a mandate…political capital…what does Obama have??? And if the 59 million of us that did not vote for him were crybabies and whiners that had better get with the program…what are you and those 56 million you so proudly represent and speak for? So Obama’s mandate and political capital are double that of Bush. Do me a favor Dude….if you don’t like it tough…so take as many as those 56 million that would be willing to follow you (don’t forget Hannity, Bill’O, Ann Coulter, Drudge, Savage to mention just a few) and leave. Please seriously if you did vote or sign for a change let the rest of us who did here and you can go to an Island in the middle of nowhere and start your own country. If I had a mandate or political capital that would be my first order shut up and try to get along… we put up with 8 years of Bush…adversity builds character something you and your conservative cronies sorely need.

PS – Take Palin also if you decide to leave.

neetzy said...


As you know, I live in the "Alabama" part of PA (according to James Carville). My redneck homeroom boys were whining this morning. "Obama's a baby killer. He's gonna take our guns and raise our taxes!" Those are the exact soundbites the Rove/Bush/Cheney machine used to win the under-educated white vote. M, I listened to the same NPR program. Did you also hear the interviews discussing where the Republican party went wrong? They realize now that they alienated the educated. Sarah Palin was the GOP's feeble attempt to keep their new "Regular Joe" six-pack, plumber, or whatever base.