Saturday, October 25, 2008

Series of events

I am a day late in my musical musings - please forgive me. I had every intention of doing this on Friday, but work has been interfering with my personal life and I just hate it when that happens!
Normally I will post my musical musings in the morning, but I woke up a bit later than normal and just jumped into work mode. So the alternate plan was after the 5:00 (imaginary) whistle blew I would hop upstairs, pour myself a ceremonious TGIF glass of "whine" and just "do it."

I was sitting down said glass of wine and not paying attention to the surface on which I was putting it upon (which is normally kept very neat, but I haven't had a normal day in over a year) when the glass toppled over and spilled all over my desk soaking my bills, my mouse pad, my keyboard, my white shirt and my lap.

Trust me I was more upset about the wasted wine than I was anything else.


I cleaned up my mess had a split second where I thought maybe I should just lick the wine off my desk (KIDDING) and at that moment - M came home so I just figured I would put off the blogging for the evening and chill out and relax with her.

We had a nice evening. We ordered take out, watched an episode of Buffy and then an episode of some soap opera that I never remember the name of it - the one with plastic face...uhhh...Susan Lucci. "As the Stomach Turns?" "How many lives can I live?" "Who Lives this kind of Life really?"

Whatever, it doesn't matter the name. The only reason we're watching it is because there's a lesbian on it truth be told. Some little whiny thing called Binaca...or Bianca.

How do people watch these things....really? There was one point in my life where I got caught up in the whole Luke and Laura thing when I was in high school because we used to have field hockey practice and then go over to one of our team mates houses for snacks and General Hospital. It was more to poke fun of than to actually watch it.

I have enough drama in my life thank you!

SO...we watched our TV, porked out on bad "italian" food and went to bed.

This morning I got up...ate my breakfast and went out to get my coffee and figured while I was out there might as well get my oil changed since I was due.

I was sitting in the waiting room at the place were I bring my car on. I have my large coffee and I brought this magazine in when I noticed that the Fox Noise channel was on the TV. grrrrrrrrrrr...I HATE the fox noise channel.

No worries - I'll just read my article and tune it out.

There were a few people in the waiting room doing various things: the woman to my right was filing her nails. The man behind me kept clearing his throat. A soccer Mom type was trying to figure out the Krups coffee machine and the man next to me was reading a book.

I kept watching the man next to me because he seemed - agitated. He would read his book and then put it the TV a bit. Rinse - repeat.

He finally got up and walked out.

Just at that time Faux News came on with a segment that Bill O did with ambushing Bill Ayers.

I can't watch Bill O without feeling physically I walked out too.

I found a seat outside and finished waiting for my car. The man with the book wasn't anywhere that I could see.

Since I get my car serviced at the dealership where I bought my car, I walked around the lot fantasizing about buying a new car. I like the Rav4's, but I don't like the mileage. I like the mileage of the Prius, but I don't like the car. I could live with the Corolla, but I am used to the hatch back and the newer version of my car - the matrix...I don't like all that much.

Still I like to look!

My car was done and I waited for them to "write up the ticket" when I saw the man with the book. We glanced at each other and he just came out and said it: "I can't believe I had to sit in that room and listen to that propaganda. I am so angry about that." (I think he was gay, but I can't be certain) I agreed and told him I was right behind him as soon as Bill O's face came up on the screen and we both expressed that we'd rather watch those horrible kiddie cartoons that the crap on the faux noise channel.

We also agreed that when the car dealership calls us with that stupid survey on how our service was - we'll let them know exactly how we feel about that channel being on!

The man with the book and I shook hands, wished each other a nice weekend and parted ways.

I may never see him again, but I feel like we bonded and became secret allies!

Arriving home my neighbor across the street came out of her house to let me know that I had a bit of graffiti on the back of my car!

THIS was my graffiti:

Nice huh?

Points off for penmanship, but bonus points for the hot steaming turd picture. Nice touch!

You gotta laugh. Last year they wrote: I eat vagina


I had to give them points for spelling it correctly. Hey - gotta look on the positive right?

I thanked my neighbor for telling me and then proceeded to wash my car.

Car done - M popped in and out on her way to various appointments she had looking at me quizzically since she knew it was going to rain that day I informed her of the graffiti. Her car was spared.

Me and the boys went for a nice walk in the park where we chased the geese and hunted for moles. When we got back, M and I left to go see Rachel Getting Married. Interesting movie. Interesting to see Anne Hathaway in a different role. I think she did well, but the movie overall I'm still trying to grasp. One thing is for sure the band that was playing in the background the whole time was REALLY getting on my nerves.

Sooooooooooooo...I haven't had much time to blog.

Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnd....I never really had a song in mind to post.

With that said, I will leave you with this

Have a nice weekend all - Peace!


Presbyfruit said...

Great song by Randy Newman.

And, who drew the turd and wrote "vagina" on your car? the dealership dudes? or a neighbor?

that was a good picture of a turd.

Shazza said...

Presby - it was a neighbor kid I'm sure. There are a little gang of them that do this every year.

Vic Hubbard said...

So, what is the significance of this time of year? Depressing song, true, but depressing. I certainly hope the new week brings about a positive change! Someone who brings so much joy and laughter should be awash in it.

P.S. I'll deny this, but I watched "As The World Turns" for years. My Mom got me hooked on it in high school. I kicked that habit when I quit FedEx over six years ago. I always took my lunch at my house and watched a taped episode. Sylvia thought I was crazy, 'cause I would talk to her about what was going on with my (her title) TV family. I know...I'm a little touched.

Have a good week!!!

Shazza said...

Vic - in the academic library world this is renewal season. Journals that the libraries need for 2009 are bought now. In the old print world if you didn't get your order in by November you never knew when your journal would be delivered. Now in the electronic world it's just a flip of a switch.

I used to like Dark Shadows as a kid, but I always like vampires so maybe that was the reason!

We all have our quirks!

Vic Hubbard said...

LOL! I used to watch that at my babysitter's house. When it was soap time, the older kids (I was five), got to lay quietly on the floor in the front room, instead of actually taking a nap. The first scar I ever had was when I was pretending to be Barnabous Collins. I had my arm inside of my coat, so that the arms of my coat would fly in the wind like a cape as I ran. I was chasing a girl I had a crush on and tripped at the edge of a sidewalk and, since I couldn't break my fall, I split my chin wide open. Ah!, Good times!!:D