Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I didn't sleep well last night. It's not unusual for me not to sleep well, but I take Ambien every night so when I don't sleep even after taking drugs it kind of gets to you.

The alarm went off at 5:30 and after staring at the ceiling for the past few hours I made the decision to take the day off.

I needed a pause in my life.

A break from the routine.

A fucking day off.

I woke up M and let her know I wasn't going in and heard her going about her morning routine. She gave me a kiss goodbye when she left and that's all I remember until about 10:30.

Amazing how well you sleep when you take the pressure off yourself.

Finally rolling out of bed around 10:45, I showered and went down stairs. M called - concerned. She asked if I was OK and I said I was fine, just too tired to do the commute today and didn't want to risk falling asleep behind the wheel.

Some people like to lounge around and get caught up on the soaps when they take a day off. Not me! I'm a bit too restless for that. Usually I do too much, but I was determined to relax and make it my day so I harnessed up the pups and took them out for a nice long walk.

I brought the camera along because I had 9 more pictures left on the roll of film I had in there. Since it was such a beautiful day I thought for sure I could find something to snap. One or two may come out nice, but I learned that it's a bit hard to hold your camera steady when your two Westies are trying to chase every chipmunk and squirrel in the park.

The film should be ready tomorrow so if there is something blog worthy in there I'll post it.

The boys and I ran some errands: picked up meds at the pharmacy, got the car gassed up, stopped by to get a cup of Dunkin donuts coffee and just enjoyed the day.

Now I'm looking for a good pumpkin spiced bread recipe and if feel motivated enough that is what I'll do for the rest of the afternoon.

Ahhhhhhh - this was a much needed pause in my routine. Just a day to myself.

M had taken some vacation time last week so that she could spend time with her cousin and her husband who were up visiting from Puerto Rico. They were wonderful house guests and really didn't require a lot of attention from us - they just wanted to see M, but anytime you hae company it just messes up your daily routine and kind of throws your whole balance off.

M said she had a hard time yesterday getting back into the swing of things. I think she needs a day to pause herself soon.

So blog peeps...if you had a day off and didn't spend it running errands or catching up on things you couldn't do during the week - what would your perfect day off be?


the only daughter said...

With the most perfect of a perfect day off, relaxation is indeed the buzz word. No phone*, no cooking, no cleaning--just being.

Movement optional but should the option be exercised that movement is limited to walk, a bicycle ride, a trip to the library or a musuem.

*except for the gf (but as this is a perfect day, gf wouldn't be on the phone. ;-)

Victor said...

Grabbing a good suspense novel and reading all day while drinking Baileys and coffee. Oh yes, there would be several naps in there, too. Also several long walks with the dogs. And if I was really a lucky and Sylvia was home, maybe a little playdate thrown in there, too.;)

The Village Carpenter said...

Perfect day = shop time!

Glad you were able to recharge your batteries. : )

neetzy said...

I'm jealous. I am trying to plan the perfect (cough) sick day. I've been waiting for my student teacher to finish. Tomorrow is her last day. I feel one coming on (cough). I get this every year when the leaves start changing colors. I'll set up the old portable easel somewhere and paint far away from telephones.

dive said...

That sounds a wonderful way to recharge, Shazza.

Whenever I have a day off I generally end up tearing some room to pieces and putting it back together again; I'm a comulsive chore-fetishist.

neetzy said...

Dive, What is a comulsive? Heehee!