Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year

To me autumn is the most wonderful time of the year.

I love the crisp air, the smell of the leaves that are falling from the trees, the colors of the changing leaves just leave me breathless sometimes.

For the past few years we have not had very colorful autumn leaves. This year has been just gorgeous!

Last week M had her cousin Anita and her husband Cheo visiting from Puerto Rico. We told them to bring long sleeve shirts and jackets because there had been a nice chill in the air and when you live in Puerto Rico anything below 70 degrees is chilly.

The poor things melted! Temps were in the high 70's and low 80's last weekend, but it was just gorgeous.

Our original plans were to take them to New York City. They wanted to see Ground Zero and walk around and do all of the "touristy" things. Our plans changed a bit...well actually a lot and we ended up in Washington Crossing Historic Park. We watched a short video of how General George Washington planned a surprise attack on those damn Brits and we kicked their asses!

It was a turning point in the war and from then on it we kept on kicking those stuffing British bums back across the Atlantic where they belong. There are some Brits that hold a bit of a grudge, but hey - whatever!

Here's where they crossed - ok, not really but close to it.

Some old building - love the stone!

Beautiful fall colors or colours if we had lost the war.

A reproduction of a canon.

And the cutest old couple just sitting there overlooking the Delaware holding hands. I just wanted to hug them!

Next we went to Howell Living History Farm. This is actually on the New Jersey side of the Delaware.

This is a working farm that represents farm life from around 1890 to 1910. They have sheep and cows and it's really pretty and kind of fun to go to. They have a volunteer program for kids there where they get to experience life on a farm and have to work. The parents of the kids also have to volunteer at least one weekend a month and I thought it was such a great alternative to malls and video games. These kids were running around in the fresh air and having a lot of fun shoveling manure!

Some dying vegetation along the fence that I thought looked kind of cool.

The main barn.

Ummmm...some house...of some kind. There was a BIG ol' wood saw in the front.

The crossing of the sheep!

An old plow.


This weekend the fall colors here in NJ are at there peak. There are just some brilliant reds and oranges and golds that no camera can do justice to. Temps are in the high 50's and lower 60's and it's just a beautiful autumn weekend.

One last picture - this is one of my favorite parks that me and the boys went walking to on the day I took a mental health break.


mcCutcheon said...

"Beautiful fall colors or colours if we had lost the war." LOL that made me laugh. online built-in spell-checking always tells my "colours" is wrong to which I say: "Indeed, it is not and now bring me a cup of tea" ;)

btw: that old couple in the picture - the guy is totally hogging the blanket and she's probably freezing her ass of or getting splinters stuck or something. love the pics!

dive said...

Beautiful photos, Shazza, and the colours are indeed glorious.
The colors, however, are merely a spelling mistake.
Hee hee.

Shazza said...

Hey McC! You have a lovely British accent!

Dive - Thanks. The company I work for is based in Abingdon and we often have spelling wars. All in good fun though.

Presbyfruit said...

Very pretty indeed. And I love old people couples, especially when they hold hands.