Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Brain farts

No...this isn't the same subject as the Shoot the Bunny post of last week.

This is more about what happens when your brain all of a sudden blows out everything it knows and leaves you completely blank.

I was having a conversation with my Super Duper Sales Admin guy and completely forgot the word "calculator"!


I kept calling it the thing that you put numbers adds things..the adding machine. That THING! You know what I'm talking about.

I was staring right at it and I couldn't think of the name!

Luckily my Super Duper Sales Admin guy who is actually the other half of my brain at work is a very patient - although sarcastic - guy.

He looked at me wearily and said: "Do you mean a calculator?"

YES...a calculator!


He looked at me with a bit of concern, murmured something, turned on his heel and left my office.


I've also had to re-set 3 different passwords already because I've drawn a blank on them and then proceeded to lock myself out of each program I was trying to get into.'s going to be one of those days!


Poetikat said...

I have that memory problem too, only nowadays, my brain spits out words I'm not even intending. (For example, while I was typing this, my husband I called and I told him a "chipadee" was at the bird-feeder. You know, a cross between a chipmunk and a chickadee!)

That's a mild example.


Shazza said...

Kat - chipadee makes perfect sence to me!

the only daughter said...

Names hang me up. Not names of things so much as people's names.

Sometimes famous people.

The Village Carpenter said...

"The thing that you put numbers into."

That's priceless!

neetzy said...

I call those thingies "caliculators". I am always looking for thingies, whatchamacallits, hoozits, hooziwhats, etc. I blame it on age, fumes, brain cell deterioration. It just keeps getting better!

dive said...

Sheesh! Me too, Shazza. My worst one was while I was yelling at some incompetent builders at a site meeting once and my mind refused to let me realise the word for those reddish oblong things is actually "brick".
The architect who doesn't know what a brick is … they never let me live that one down.

Vic Hubbard said...

Shazza, my buddy was having a bunch of "senior moments" and was starting to worry he was on the way to Alzheimers. His doctor said that actually it's a rather new phenomenon that is caused from too much multi-tasking. The brain basically does better concentrating on one thing at a time. Who'd o' thunk!!??